Why a Smartphone Case or Tablet Cover Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Device

smartphone caseAccording to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the most common repair made to damaged smartphones and tablets is screen repair. Screens are most susceptible to scratches, cracks, breaks and discoloration when they’re exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

And yet while most smartphone and tablet owners do invest in protective cases that protect their devices from falls or accidents, the majority of those cases don’t come with appropriate screen protection.

Do Military-Grade Cases Protect Your Device’s Screen?

Even the ultra-reinforced cases offered by companies like Otterbox regularly fail to provide adequate protection to the most-often damaged part of a mobile device: the screen. Some heavily enforced cases even leave a portion of a device’s screen exposed, and therefore at risk of damage.

NuShield screen protectors, however, will protect any mobile device from the scrapes and scratches that are an almost inevitable part of daily device use. And because NuShield films are custom cut, they can be made to perfectly fit nearly any smartphone or tablet on the market today.

Another major problem with heavy-duty cellphone cases, including many mil-grade cases, involves the case’s built-in screen protector. These screen protectors are usually clear, and yet even the slightest glare of sunlight will render the phone’s display all but unreadable when the device is used outdoors. Indoors and away from the sun, nearly all of these screen protectors show fingerprints and lead to germ growth.

If you want your device’s screen to remain perfectly functionable and in out-of-the-box shape — fingerprint-free, microbe-free and easily readable even in sunlight — NuShield films are the products that can make that happen.

Is Your Stylish Case Putting Your Device at Risk?

Many of the designer cases and stylish protective covers available for smartphones and tablets give only rudimentary protection to your device. Designed more for looks and style, these cases rarely, if ever, provide adequate screen protection. Many of these cases can be seen every day of the week at colleges and high schools, and yet those students are in the very same population of the mobile device-using demographic that report the highest levels of broken screens and damaged devices.

Thankfully, there’s a full range of NuShield screen protector sizes that mesh perfectly well with designer cases, no matter what sort of tablet or smartphone you might own. Simply visit the ordering page on our website, where you’ll be prompted through five easy steps that will help us locate your device’s manufacturer and model. It’s as easy as that.

The Brilliance of NuShield Technology

NuShield screen protectors are deliberately made so as not to distract from the visuals on the screen of the device itself. Our screen protectors use a combination of new materials and new technologies to give an amazing amount of screen protection while also reducing sun glare, finger smudges, and scratches.

smartphone caseNuShield’s DayVue technology is an antireflective material that stands above the rest in this market. DayVue works by canceling out reflected light much in the way popular noise-cancelling headphones shut out unwanted ambient sounds. This allows smartphone and tablet users to operate their devices in bright daylight, and without having a reflective glare obscure their screen.

NuShield screen protectors have anti-glare, antimicrobial and anti-fingerprint technology baked in as a part of their composition. One of the risks of smartphones and tablets, especially those are shared among friends and family members, is the passing of germs and bacteria. With our films’ antimicrobial properties, this danger is greatly reduced.

The ancillary benefit of this technology is its anti-fingerprint properties. After all, who isn’t tired of wiping their smartphone or tablet screen over and over again because finger smudges are obscuring your device’s display? With a NuShield screen protector that tedious task is removed, all while reducing the risk of bacterial and microbial build-up.

We love our devices. We use our smartphones daily, and tablets have taken over boardrooms, classrooms and cafes. Sure, a case is a necessity for these devices. But without a proper screen protector, your devices are still partially exposed and very vulnerable. Protect your device fully by getting it equipped with a case and the proper NuShield screen protector.