Is Your Voting Machine Safe from Germs?

voting machineWe are once again entering the election cycle. Primaries are scheduled over the next couple of months and November is not that too distant in the future. Many municipalities have been upgrading their voting equipment, exchanging their old punch card or click-type booths for electronic touch screen machines.

But it is not the Russian bugs that they should be worrying about. It should be the germs that are planted on the screen every time someone walks up to the machine and votes. These germs populate the screen and the workers do not wipe the screen after every voter. So while you are casting your vote, you could be picking up all types of germs from the surface that could infect you or your family. Or picking up remnants of a food or other substance you may be allergic to?

Electronic touchscreens shared by many hundreds of different people pose any number of potential health hazards. There is a solution, however, and it’s one that is both simple and surprisingly affordable. It’s an antimicrobial screen protection film, the NuShield Triple A.

For devices with touchscreen applications, the NuShield Triple A antimicrobial film has been specifically formulated to eliminate the contamination created by multiple users. In environments where touchscreens are used over and over again by different people, they become a veritable breeding ground for germs.

But here’s the good news: In laboratory tests, the Triple A film’s antimicrobial coating has shown a reduction rate of 99 percent of colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a 24 hour period. The screen protector’s inorganic antibacterial coating has an excellent antibacterial spectrum that has also proven to be heat and solvent resistant. The surface can be safely and easily cleaned without affecting the germ killing properties.

If you’re responsible for polling places in your community or know anyone in an official capacity, we ask that you register a vote against germs by asking these persons to add a screen protector to the top surface of the device. The film is thin, so it doesn’t affect the touch sensitivity of the display, but it will kill the germs deposited on the surface. And because NuShield’s screen protection films currently support over 15,000 different devices, from laptops and tablets to point of sales displays and televisions, they don’t need to worry whether or not the Triple A film will actually fit touchscreen devices.

In fact, NuShield offers Triple A films for any device with an LCD, LED or plasma display up to 80-inch diagonal. But if the specific device (or devices) located in your polling station aren’t already listed in our database, we can even create new film sizes to fit them. We do it every day, and we do it without extra charge.

No one wants to use a device that is a breeding ground for germs. And because the Triple A film also has anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology, your polling station or place of business can also be protected.

So what will you vote for? Do you need a simple, cost-effective solution for minimizing risk from touchscreens in private and public places? We suggest that you vote for NuShield’s easy-to-install Triple A film. Click here if you’re ready to order.