Fall in love this Valentine’s Day with Nushield screen protectors

If you haven’t marked it on your calendar already, February 14th is the day of love. And Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you’re thinking of getting a present for your loved one, it is important to start planning early. To signify the day of love, you’re probably looking for a present that will bring a smile to their face for a long time to come. It could be a new iPhone, a TV, a tablet or a portable GPS for their car.

Valentine's DaySuch valuable presents should not only be special on February 14th; they should also last for a long time to come and serve as a constant reminder of your love and dedication. Presents that are electronic devices should come with a NuShield screen protector. The NuShield protective films will make it easier for your loved one to use their device because glare from the sun or overhead lights can reduce visibility both indoors and outdoors.

NuShield Triple A Anti-glare film

The Triple A film has an anti-glare matte finish that cuts out reflected glare from overhead lights or windows and improves screen visibility indoors or shaded areas. Sitting in the wrong place we have to constantly adjust our position because the glare is reflected on the display. Therefore, watching TV, using phones and even reading the navigation map in our car can be challenging.

NuShield DayVue Anti-reflective film

If your loved one plans to use their device outdoors, then the DayVue screen protector might be the right solution. The DayVue film eliminates glare and reflections when the device is used outdoors in direct sunlight or if they wear polarized sunglasses.

The DayVue film can cancel out reflected light while allowing transmitted light to pass through. This film is perfect for cameras, phones, tablets and laptops and with it your loved one will be able to take great photos, read books, and stay connected while outdoors. They no longer have to adjust their position or shade the screen with their hand to read the display.

Installation made easy

Both the NuShield Triple A film and DayVue film are easy to install on multiple devices. They adhere to the screen using a tacky adhesive, making them simple to apply and remove when necessary. And if they need to be cleaned, any household-cleaning agent works effectively.

The NuShield films are compatible with over 12,000 devices, and they can be cut to fit for cameras and come precut for displays up to 80 inches diagonal. Order now and show your loved one how much you care or contact us if you have any questions.