Use Handwriting Apps? NuShield Can Protect Your Screen.

handwriting appsDoctors, delivery men, artists, retail employees: No matter what your profession—and regardless of whether your work takes place in a white-collar office setting or a more labor-intensive blue-collar environment—you probably know full well how deeply touchscreen technology has changed the way we work today—not to mention the speed at which we’re able to do it.

Over the past five years or so, the touchscreens that are built into tablets, smartphones, and even retail point of sale (POS) systems have rapidly become a permanent part of how humans interact with computers. And along with those advances in computing hardware have come a slew of fantastically useful mobile applications that allow users to draw or write directly onto the screens of their mobile devices.

Handwriting Apps

handwriting appsHandwriting apps have brought tablets and smartphones into both the classroom and the boardroom. In the classroom, students use mobile apps to take notes and to learn how to write.

Apps like iCanWrite and ABC Cursive Writing, for instance, are frequently being used to teach kids how to write in a way that actually makes education enjoyable. This seems to be the way that classrooms of the future are going to operate. That is, with an increasing reliance on devices that allow students to interact with their computers in a tactile manner.

Businesses are also using handwriting apps as a quicker and more efficient way of getting work done, and many of these apps allow users to work with a wide range of files. Evernote and Penultimate are both popular apps that use this technology.

And yet the increasing reliance on tablets and smartphones in scholastic and professional environments has its drawbacks—most notably the permanent damage handwriting apps can cause to unprotected devices. In fact, one of the most frequent complaints from users of handwriting apps is that the stylus they use has permanently scratched their device’s screen.

This is a problem that is easily (and affordably) preventable with a NuShield screen protector. Aside from being pleasing to the touch, the NuShield Triple A film,  for instance, has a matte surface that will protect your device’s screen from damaging scrapes, scratches and cracks.

Art Apps

Designers, illustrators, and visual artists are another group of professionals who’ve lately been taking advantage of the convenience of touchscreen technology. Many of them are now using tablets to express themselves through photography, drawing, and even painting.

handwriting appsA number of these apps, such as Infinite Design, have opened up entirely new mediums for artists to work in. And yes, this unleashed creativity is a wonderful thing.

But even a high-end tablet has its limitations. There’s the endlessly frustrating glare that appears anytime an artist uses her device outdoors, or even under especially bright indoor lights. The scratches, smears and fingerprints that seems to be a part of every tablet experience don’t help much, either.

But all of these issues can be overcome with a NuShield screen protector, because our films are built with both anti-glare and anti-fingerprint technology. Click here to learn about the technology built into our Triple A film, which scatters reflected glare and even has an antibacterial coating.

Protecting Your Device

The more a person uses their mobile device, the more they risk damaging it. With the introduction of writing and drawing apps, the risk to your device increases even more. Writing and drawing apps cause a user to handle their device more, and often with the “help” of a potentially damaging stylus.

handwriting appsNuShield, however, offers screen protectors that will give you the peace of mind to more freely use your device in whichever way you want.

For artists and professionals who work outside, glare is often a serious problem, not to mention a major contributor to losses in productivity. After all, it’s not easy to get your work done while holding your device three feet away from you face, or while using your writing hand to shield the sunlight. The NuShield DayVue anti-reflective (AR) screen protector is the best way to protect devices used in harsh natural lighting conditions. Here’s what else our DayVue film offers:

 It provides long-lasting scratch resistance
It filters glare and reduces reflections
• It’s easy to apply and easy to remove
• It offers excellent UVB protection
• It leads to superb visibility, even in the outdoors

When a device is handled by several different people, germs and microbes can easily be passed from one person to the next. This happens all the time in educational settings, where children often use tablets as they learn how to write. The NuShield Triple A film was made to help prevent the spread of germs. This screen protector is:

• Anti-glare
• Scratch-resistant
• Anti-microbial
• Anti-fingerprint

The Triple A film is just as easy to remove as it is to apply. At the same time, it’s sturdy and easily cleaned by strong disinfectants, making it ideal for mobile device use in schools and medical facilities alike.

The reality is that average screen protectors simply aren’t capable of protecting your devices in the same ways a NuShield film is able to. Not even close. Click here to purchase a NuShield screen protector today, and keep your device safe from damage tomorrow.