Equip Your Next TV with NuShield Screen Protectors & Smart Home Hub

Smart TVs offer a wide variety of features. Many are connected to the internet, and offer easy access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and even stock and weather updates. The large screen of the typical TV, combined with the connectivity of the average computer, is a formidable combination that many users have fallen in love with.

Samsung SmartThings and the Internet of Things

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“Samsung SmartThings Hub”

One of the most exciting smart TV developments this year has been Samsung’s new SmartThings platform. SmartThings takes smart TV connectivity a step further, and connects your TV with what some people call the “Internet of Things”.

The Internet of Things is a collective name for all of the smart devices in your home. Many modern devices that are equipped with sensors and digital controls are connected to the Internet of Things, so you can manipulate them from afar. For instance, you might use an app on your smartphone to adjust your thermostat before you come home, or you might receive an email notification if your security system detects unusual activity around your home. There’s an ever-expanding range of items connected to the Internet of Things, and software developers are creating exciting new functions for these products.

Samsung’s SmartThings platform allows you to easily manipulate more than 200 smart devices around your home. With a new SmartThings-enabled Samsung TV, you can receive notifications, turn lights on and off, watch views from security cameras, trigger various routines and more.

Protecting Your Eyes, Protecting Your TV

But many people suffer from excessive glare while watching their TV. The glossy surface of many TV screens reflects both natural and artificial light, making it hard to see the TV’s actual image. Especially for TVs facing windows, or placed outdoors, this can make your screen virtually unwatchable.

This is leaving aside the damage that can occur to your actual TV set. Most modern televisions have delicate LCD screens, which can be permanently damaged by scratches or even a drop of Windex cleaning liquid. If you’re like many TV owners, you may be wondering if there’s a simple solution to both protect your smart TV from damage, and to protect your eyes from glare.

High-Quality TV Screen Protectors

Luckily, NuShield offers two different screen protectors to both cut down on glare and protect your screen. Both DayVue and Triple A screen protectors are specially designed to protect your investment and make your TV a pleasure to watch.

The matte Triple A screen protectors eliminates glare, so you can easily watch your TV inside or outside under a shaded area. It also protects your TV’s screen against scratches, scrapes and impacts.

The screen protector comes pre-cut to match even the most cutting-edge TV screens, as well as the screens of laptops, phones, tablets and other devices. If you don’t see your device represented, contact us and we’ll cut a screen protector to match your screen. NuShield screen protectors are easy to apply, too: just smooth them over the device’s screen, and they’ll stay there. These screen protectors are sturdy enough to last the life of the device, but are also light and thin enough that you’ll still be able to use any touchscreen functionality.

TVs like the new Samsung models are valuable tools and professional investments. Protect that investment by choosing a NuShield screen protector. You’ll protect your TV’s screen, and be able to watch in perfect comfort.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215 500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.