Treasure Hunting with NuShield

Sometimes you go to the beach or the park and late afternoon you might see a person walking around with a stick attached to a plate. This is a metal detector. You might recognize it from movies where soldiers used it to find mines and clear the road for troops and vehicles.

metal detection Metal detection is an outdoor activity in areas where you can find relics from the past in parks, on the beach or in fields where historical events took place. These items can be as simple as coins on the beach or bullets at Gettysburg. But on occasion you can find old relics dating back even to early civilization.

There is even an International Metal Detection Day celebrated by local clubs around the world. Members gather to exchange stories and show their findings. There is also a seeded metal hunt hosted by clubs.

There are a number of metal detectors on the market today. NuShield has been working with Minelab, a company that manufactures these detectors. They have various devices that include a viewing display. To avoid reflections from the screen a NuShield DayVue™ film is placed on the display. This is the best way to stop the reflections and sun glare, and doesn’t block the screen image when sunglasses are worn.

The NuShield film is easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes to fit devices as small as two inch diagonal all the way up to 80 inch diagonal. The film helps to reduce glare in direct sunlight and allow users to see the screen even when wearing polarized sunglasses. The films are precut to fit various devices.

Check the NuShield website to find your device and good treasure hunting.