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Why Cruise Ship Technology Needs NuShield Now

cruise ship technologyIf you’ve been working in the cruise ship industry for, say, 10 or 15 years, you’ve almost certainly noticed some changes to cruise ship technology.

Prior to the late 1990s, or perhaps even the early part of the 21st century, for instance, most ship pursers were still keeping the majority of their financial records on actual paper.

A cruise line’s marketing manager spent a good portion of their day working the (land line) phones in those days, long before Facebook or Twitter have even been conceived. A housekeeping administrative assistant carried her marching orders around on a clipboard, not a tablet computer. A shore excursion manager was forced to find a payphone if something went wrong, and a call back to the ship was deemed necessary. Today, they wouldn’t dream of walking onto land without a fully charged smartphone.

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Tip: NuShield Anti Glare Films In TV Room Design

When it comes to TV room design there are a few factors to consider. One of the most important factors is the light inside the room. If you tend to have a lot of windows, doors or natural light that comes into the TV room that you are designing, the biggest issue you are going to have is the glare that bounces off the TV from the light inside the house. Even if you don’t have windows or doors in the room per se, other types of light, from bulbs inside the house, can cause a glare on the TV. The best way to reduce or eliminate glare is to affix a NuShield® Anti-Glare screen film on the TV. These films do double duty – they also hide nuisance glare and keep little fingerprints at bay. Unlike some of the other anti-glare screens on the market, NuShield AG Antiglare films protect your TV a few different ways and have features unlike other brands out there on the market today.

  • Clarity
    When using an anti-glare screen or film, people tend to complain about the cloudiness that it creates on their TV. When designing TV rooms and using NuShield Antiglare films this is not an issue. In fact, the NuShield AG Antiglare/Anti fingerprint and Triple A Anti glare/anti microbial/anti fingerprint films are the clearest films available as far as anti-glare goes.
  • Fingerprints
    If you have kids in your house or you tend to get a lot of fingerprints from adults touching the TV, NuShield Anti glare films hide fingerprints from the TV because unlike your television set, it’s made with a material that does not attach the oils from your fingers to the screen. It’s a nice option especially if you are designing TV rooms for your kids!
  • Durability
    Beyond just keeping the glare off your television set, the NuShield Anti glare films also have an anti-scratch resistant material. This might not be a huge issue if you are designing TV rooms for adults, but if you are designing a playroom with a TV for your kids, well, you know kids! If something can happen, it usually does happen with children, even if it’s an accident. And it is not just kids.  If you have a dog or cat who might be attracted to something on the screen, it is easy to have paw prints or nail marks left on the display.  If you have a nice big beautiful television set, the last thing you need or want is scratch and scuff marks!
TV Glare without NuShield Anti Glare Film
TV Glare without NuShield Anti Glare Film

UVB Light: When looking at any film for anti-glare, you also want to make sure that it has a high degree of elimination when it comes to UVB light. The NuShield Antiglare films has one of the highest degrees at around 99.9% for eliminating UVB ultra violet light. This is important for two reasons. First off, it makes your screen last for a longer period and second off, it will keep your TV colors bright and colorful.

TV with NuShield Anti Glare Film
TV with NuShield Triple A Anti-Glare Film Diffuses Sharp Glare

For those who are designing TV area either in enclosed porch or open air seating areas, NuShield offers its NuShield® DayVue™ Anti-Reflective film. This is a great product for people that own homes and have television sets outside or for business, bar and restaurant owners that want to start thinking about designing outside TV rooms.  With the DayVue film over the TV you can watch programs while in the pool, sitting under an umbrella, or showing video presentations during outdoor events. NuShield currently supports devices up to 80 inch diagonal and the films can be “butted” together for larger size displays.

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Glare Screen Protectors Enhance Flat Panel TVs

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The beautiful large panel TVs that are available today are a very hot trend. Almost everyone desires one to proudly display in their entertainment room, living room, or any room in their home. But these amazing TVs can come with some issues!

Reasons Why Large TVs Need Anti-Glare Screen Protectors

Over the past year, television manufacturers have stopped providing the anti glare matte finish to the display of some TVs to reduce manufacturing cost.  As a result, the display is glossy and reflects everything. Once installed in your home, you may find one of these challenges:

  • Room lighting – the lamps or other lights in the room where the television was installed cause a glare on the screen. Should you move the lights, move the television, or find some other solution?
  • Windows – in the daylight hours sunlight can cause an annoying glare on many of the large panel TV’s. You can choose to watch television in the darkness and cover your windows, or find some way to reduce the glare.
  • Reflections – those shiny flat screens can cause almost a mirror reflection, which can make TV viewing more challenging.
  • Brightness – for some people with sensitive eyes the brightness level for the newer model HDTV’s can be irritating. Some people even consider wearing sunglasses to reduce the brightness.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to help with all of these challenges. The NuShield® AG™ anti glare screen protector and the NuShield Triple A anti glare screen protector are the best solution to these problems. The custom cut NuShield anti glare screen protector film presents a very professional appearance and is easily installed. Immediately you will notice the difference.

NuShield glare screen protector stops w window light reflectionThe anti glare screen protector technology from NuShield actually enhances the appearance of your television in your room. Outside of the store showroom’s special lighting, your television needs some form of glare protection for the best viewing experience. The NuShield solution diffuses the glare hitting the screen with only a slight reduction in brightness. Reflections are virtually eliminated and glare from lighting or sunlight is minimized. You can relax and enjoy your television regardless of where it is installed in your home or business.

You can get NuShield glare protection for a brand new flat panel television or you can install NuShield on an older model flat panel.  The NuShield AG film can be used on TVs up to 48 inch diagonal and the NuShield Triple A film can be used on TVs up to 80 inch diagonal.  Both anti glare screen protector films are easy to wipe clean and hide fingerprints or smears. The NuShield technology enhances the entertainment value of your home flat screen TVs.

For venues that involve food service, education or healthcare environments, the NuShield Triple A™ anti glare screen protector is the best solution because the film offers an additional antimicrobial coating that prevents bacteria growth, mold and mildew on the film surface. The film can be cleaned with commercial cleaners and chemicals without harming the film, making it suitable for public places.

Before you schedule your next big game viewing on your television, consider installing anti glare protection from NuShield. Your family and guests will have a much better viewing experience. And with the right glare protection product you’ll enjoy easy screen cleanup and maintenance.

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