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Wired Magazine Gives NuShield’s DayVue Film the Nod

It’s not every day that the product you’ve spent so many years of your life working hard to perfect gets written about in an incredibly popular national newsstand magazine. Yet that’s exactly what happened to us here at NuShield during the first week of August, when Wired magazine reporter Tim Moynihan published an article on the Wired website titled, “The Days of Squinting at Laptops in the Sun Are Almost Over.”

wired magazineAs its title suggests, Moynihan’s article mulled over the various reasons laptop screens are so hard to see while working outside in the sun. There are, in fact, a number of different reasons your average laptop screen doesn’t play well with sunlight. Some of those explanations are fairly technical, while others aren’t much more than plain common sense. If you’re interested in the specifics, click here to give the story a read.

Frankly, though, at NuShield we’re more interested in solving the laptop glare problem than in wondering why the issue is the way it is. And as Moynihan rightly points out, we have that solution in the form of our DayVue screen protection film.

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