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Why All Offices Should Take Advantage of NuShield’s Antimicrobial Protection

antimicrobial protection
Sharing ideas at the office? Good. Sharing your cold? Not so good. NuShield can help with that.

Every company has experienced the dreaded “office cold.” This is the malady that creeps from cubicle to cubicle, spreading germs and illness far and wide, and destroying any semblance of productivity.

When the outbreak initially occurs, coworkers try to limit its spread by keeping hand sanitizer on their desks, covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough, and spraying desktop phones with rubbing alcohol. Some of us become downright anti-social in our efforts to avoid the office plague.

While these are all laudable efforts, they don’t often seem to stop the work killing-illness whatsoever. Which begs the question: What if there was a solution so simple that office workers wouldn’t even have to think about it? Well, as it happens … there is.

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This Holiday Season, Give Your Mobile Device the Gift of Safety and Security

mobile deviceShow us a friend or family member who genuinely does not want to get a new Smartphone or tablet this holiday season, and we’ll show you someone who probably isn’t being honest about their holiday wish list.

Not everyone has fallen victim to the hypnotic sway of the digital and mobile revolution. But as the years pass and mobile computing devices become more and more convenient, those people are becoming harder and harder to find.

Indeed, the look on a family member’s face as they unwrap a new Android Nexus or an iPhone 6 is truly a welcome sight to behold. Because not only do these devices provide endless hours of fun and distraction—they’ve also become practically indispensable for everyday living.

But there’s another facial expression common to all owners of mobile devices that isn’t quite so joyous at all. Nearly all of us have experienced it. It’s the look on a device owner’s face when that new phone, for instance, becomes unexpectedly damaged. You can be almost certain that somewhere in the world, at this very moment, a Smartphone is being dropped and a screen is being irreparably scratched.

If you want to avoid that experience with your own devices, or with the devices you’ll be buying loved ones this season, there’s a way to do so that is both foolproof and almost surprisingly affordable. It exists in the form of a simple NuShield screen protector, which comes with the added benefit of reducing screen glare, keeping that screen free of fingerprints and other smudges, and nearly eliminating the bacteria that is almost certainly present on the Smartphone that’s sitting in your purse or pants pocket right now. But more about that in a minute.

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LC Technologies Teams Up With NuShield to Take Eye-Tracking Technology on Tablets to the Next Level

eye-tracking technology
Without NuShield film, this Asus tablet’s reflection is so strong it practically acts as a mirror.

Even though the incredibly advanced technological work they do on a daily basis has literally been changing the lives of disabled people for nearly three decades now, the Fairfax, Va.-based LC Technologies, Inc. is not the sort of tech firm most digital natives are intimately familiar with.

The company doesn’t build addictive mobile apps or social media platforms, and neither their president nor their software engineer is regularly praised in the pages of the popular business press.

But thanks to a recent collaboration between the company and NuShield, LC Technologies may soon find itself receiving the sort of positive accolades its important work has long warranted.

eye-tracking software
With NuShield’s film installed, the tablet’s glare is completely removed, allowing the eye-tracking software to work as it was intended.

So, what exactly does LC Technologies do? The science behind their work, perhaps not surprisingly, is rather complicated. But explaining the work they produce and the effect is has on the patients who use it is fairly simple.

To put it plainly, LC Technologies develops eye-tracking software, which is exactly what it sounds like: computer software that tracks the eye movements of its users. It makes the process of communication and computer usage—crucial activities that the vast majority of us take for granted—a reality for disabled patients who can’t communicate through speech, or even through hand motions.

For the most part, the patients who take advantage of LC Technologies’ software, which is known as Eyegaze Edge, suffer from brain injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and brainstem and spinal cord injuries. Some even suffer from spinal muscular atrophy and ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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The Only Tablet Screen Protector a DJ Will Ever Need

tablet screen protector
Today, apps can turn your tablet into a powerful DJ tool, but parties will also be messy. Protect your device with a Triple A or DayVue screen protector.

“Let’s get this party started!”

Whether it’s an occasional party or a full-time job, as DJ you’re in charge of keeping the music flowing and the crowd happy. As the crowd dances and sways, you’re busy swiping and tapping at your tablet screen, controlling the action wirelessly.

All those actions add up to a high risk of damage to your tablet screen, leading to a potential loss of income and missed jobs if you can’t get your tablet repaired in time.

And although mobile computer applications are more than capable of transforming your tablet into a powerful DJ tool, the fact remains that high-octane parties—with their ever-present combination of sweat, water, alcohol, and who knows what else—will also be somewhat messy affairs. Protecting your screen will protect your income. It’ll also keep the good times rolling all night long.

If you’re someone who occasionally uses their tablet computer or mobile phone to rock the party—or even if you use apps to play instruments like the piano or the guitar on your tablet—here’s what you need to know:

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The Stress-Free Way to Read Outside on Your Tablet

read outsideSo many books, so little time!

Reading outdoors, whether it’s at the beach, the pool, or in your backyard, is a relaxing way to spend a warm spring or summer day. E-readers and tablets have made reading on the go a lot more convenient, packing your entire library into a single light-weight device. Now you can easily travel to the beach or on vacation without packing heavy, cumbersome books.

However, these devices often make reading outside difficult, as the sunlight washes out the display. With a NuShield DayVue screen protector, you can easily read outside even on the sunniest of days with no screen glare.

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Has Your Tablet or Phone Become a Toddler Toy? NuShield Tablet Screen Protection to the Rescue!

tablet screen protection

Your tablet is a large financial investment and is something you treasure. But your toddler or child doesn’t know this. To them, your iPad or Android slate is simply a toy that offers delight after delight, complete with funny sounds and animations.

Your toddler doesn’t understand how crucial the screen on the tablet is to the entire system, and will go to the extent of throwing the tablet down or piling items on it, oblivious of the potential harm. The result is obvious: a scratched screen that takes your finances back a few hundred dollars. You need a solution to keep your tablet screen intact, while at the same time allowing your child to enjoy its unlimited delights.

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The Secret to Extending the Life of Tablets Used by Medical Professionals

extending the life of tabletsWhere once the medical field was laden with heavy paper charts, today, medical offices and hospitals are increasingly relying on technology to make patient information both more accessible and more secure.

Doctors now enter the exam or hospital room, tablet in hand, able to quickly and easily access patient records, jot down notes, and send electronic prescriptions. This improves patient care while cutting down on unnecessary paperwork.  However, the use of electronic displays in a germ-filled environment can significantly increase the chance of transferring bacteria from one patient to another if proper precautions aren’t taken.

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Is the Groupon Merchant App Wrecking Havoc on Your Tablet or Smartphone?

Groupon Merchant AppSince its launch in 2008, Groupon has radically transformed the world of online shopping. The group buying site currently boasts over 70 million subscribers who adore the site’s daily discounts on everything from pedicures to sushi dinners.

Everyone loves saving money, and with Groupon consistently offering $100 massages for as little as $25, for instance, and $50 meals for $15, it has become a friend of many. The service attracts consumers, promotes local businesses, and ultimately helps to build long-lasting business relationships.

Reflection and glare can hurt the user experience

Groupon Merchant AppIf you accept Groupon at your place of business and use the Groupon Merchant App to keep track of customers and bookings, or to accept credit card payments, you probably find yourself staring into a screen for the better part of the day. According to medical experts, this can be harmful to your eyes.

The name for eye problems caused by extensive computer use is computer vision syndrome (CVS). Research has shown that between 50 to 90 percent of all mobile device and computer users have CVS symptoms of some sort. You can probably guess why computers cause so many more eye problems than, say, reading from paper: To a large degree, the flicker, contrast and glare of computer screens is the main culprit.

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Use Handwriting Apps? NuShield Can Protect Your Screen.

handwriting appsDoctors, delivery men, artists, retail employees: No matter what your profession—and regardless of whether your work takes place in a white-collar office setting or a more labor-intensive blue-collar environment—you probably know full well how deeply touchscreen technology has changed the way we work today—not to mention the speed at which we’re able to do it.

Over the past five years or so, the touchscreens that are built into tablets, smartphones, and even retail point of sale (POS) systems have rapidly become a permanent part of how humans interact with computers. And along with those advances in computing hardware have come a slew of fantastically useful mobile applications that allow users to draw or write directly onto the screens of their mobile devices.

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NuShield Extends the Life of Your Mobile POS System

mobile POS systemIf you’re the owner of a small retail or food services business, you might not have the capital that’s required to invest in a full-service, advanced point of sale (POS) system. The necessary hardware alone can easily run upwards of $3,000.

That’s why so many of today’s small business owners are using tablets and other low-cost mobile POS systems in place of a traditional cash register. Many cost-conscious businesses are even using smartphones to process customers’ credit and debit card payments.

But even though tablet computers and mobile POS systems are less expensive than traditional set-ups, they still represent a very significant investment. And if you’re like most small business operators, you probably take great care to get the most out of your digital investments by employing the best accessories. NuShield screen protectors are an especially smart and inexpensive way to get a bigger return on your investment in mobile POS technology.

Here are just a few of the benefits NuShield screen protectors offer:

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