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Hey Sports Parents — We’ve Solved Your Smartphone Glare Problem

smartphone glareSports parents are busy parents. Between soccer practice and Little League games, you feel like you spend all your free time chauffeuring your kids from one activity to the next. As much as you love watching your children learn new skills and interact with their teammates, baseball practice and soccer games can eat away at your productivity.

Even worse is that while sitting out in the glare of the sun, if you can’t use your Smartphone to return emails, make appointments or play a round of Temple Run, you’ll probably be forced to make small talk with the other sports parents. You might even find yourself roped into yet another book club or sales party.

Fortunately, if you have a NuShield DayVue screen protector with anti-reflective technology on your phone, you’ll be able to use your Smartphone even on sunny days at the field, making tedious practices a heck of a lot more bearable.

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The Stress-Free Way to Read Outside on Your Tablet

read outsideSo many books, so little time!

Reading outdoors, whether it’s at the beach, the pool, or in your backyard, is a relaxing way to spend a warm spring or summer day. E-readers and tablets have made reading on the go a lot more convenient, packing your entire library into a single light-weight device. Now you can easily travel to the beach or on vacation without packing heavy, cumbersome books.

However, these devices often make reading outside difficult, as the sunlight washes out the display. With a NuShield DayVue screen protector, you can easily read outside even on the sunniest of days with no screen glare.

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The Secret to Extending the Life of Tablets Used by Medical Professionals

extending the life of tabletsWhere once the medical field was laden with heavy paper charts, today, medical offices and hospitals are increasingly relying on technology to make patient information both more accessible and more secure.

Doctors now enter the exam or hospital room, tablet in hand, able to quickly and easily access patient records, jot down notes, and send electronic prescriptions. This improves patient care while cutting down on unnecessary paperwork.  However, the use of electronic displays in a germ-filled environment can significantly increase the chance of transferring bacteria from one patient to another if proper precautions aren’t taken.

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Use Cell Phone Calendar Apps to Schedule Your Life? Try NuShield

Cell Phone Calendar AppsIt wakes you up in the morning, reminds you of your meeting in the afternoon, and your daughter’s soccer game in the evening. Your entire life is in your Smartphone, and without it you’d be lost (and late for everything).

Are you taking the right precautions to protect your mobile device?

Calendars & More

With apps such as Evernote, To-Doist, and others, keeping track of your calendar is as simple as a few screen taps. You can set reminders for appointments and meetings, to pick up milk on your way home, and to say happy birthday to your mother.

Cell Phone Calendar Apps

Mobile devices have replaced the need for paper calendars and planners, allowing you to sync your schedule across multiple devices. Calendar sharing options help eliminate the frustrating and embarrassing need to repeatedly reschedule an appointment due to scheduling conflicts. At a glance you can see your meetings at work, what your family has planned, and your social obligations all on the same screen.

For many people, these mobile calendars have become a lifeline, keeping them on time and up-to-date with business and personal activities. If this data was inaccessible—even temporarily—who knows what events might be missed? At best, it would be an inconvenience. At worst, it could cost you your job.

When you rely on your Smartphone to keep you on track it needs to be treated with care.

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How Instagram Superstars Can Extend the Life of their Smartphones

instagram, screen protectorA beautiful sunset. Your carefully plated homemade dinner. Your child’s first steps. And of course, a few selfies.

There are so many picture-perfect moments in life, and you want to capture them all. Why? Because you’re an Instagram superstar.

But having your Smartphone or tablet always on-hand and ready to capture pictures can come at a price. Broken, cracked and scratched screens can mean an end to your photo stream. They’re also expensive to replace or repair.

The frequent swiping required to capture and share the perfect photo also leaves your screen covered with germy fingerprints, creating a haze over the entire screen. NuShield screen protectors, however, can protect and extend the life of your Smartphone while providing unparalleled glare reduction.

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Problems With Screen Glare When Watching Videos on a Tablet?

problems with screen glareThink back to a time 10 years ago—or even five years ago.  Are you having trouble envisioning what life was like before your smartphone parceled out every piece of information you could possibly ask for? Do you find yourself wondering how life even existed when you didn’t have your tablet at your fingertips at all times?

Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives. There was a time when the only way you could catch your favorite movies and TV shows was to literally rearrange your life around the schedules set forth by the television networks and local cinemas. Now we live in a world in which you can watch whatever you want—whenever and wherever you desire—all with the magic of those wonderful mobile devices we call tablets.

The Concerns of Mobile Convenience

Whether you realize it or not, when you’re watching a video, a movie or a TV show on your tablet, you’re often catching a good amount of glare as well. Not only can the bright and glaring tablet screen be annoying to stare at for the duration of a movie or a few episodes of a TV show, but the strain can also cause health issues.  Enhanced by sunlight, overhead fluorescent lights, or even the regular lighting in your home, the glare from tablets can cause great strain on the eyes, which can lead to severe headaches.

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Why a Smartphone Case or Tablet Cover Isn’t Enough to Protect Your Device

smartphone caseAccording to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports, the most common repair made to damaged smartphones and tablets is screen repair. Screens are most susceptible to scratches, cracks, breaks and discoloration when they’re exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

And yet while most smartphone and tablet owners do invest in protective cases that protect their devices from falls or accidents, the majority of those cases don’t come with appropriate screen protection.

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How to Protect Your Smartphone Screen at the Grocery Store

smartphone screenRemember the good old days when the grocery list was stuck to the refrigerator (probably with a magnet), and everyone simply wrote down what they needed?

Of course, when you needed to go shopping you had to actually remember to bring the list with you.

Or you had to make an extra trip home to get the list. Or maybe you just went off the store without it.

Times Have Changed

Nowadays, grocery lists can be kept on smartphones, which pretty much eliminates the problem of forgetting your food list altogether. What’s more, there are literally hundreds of apps available that can help you significantly improve your shopping experience.

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How to Protect Your In-Car GPS Navigation System

navigation system

The experience of driving down unfamiliar roads and highways suddenly became a whole lot simpler in the mid-2000s, which was roughly when in-car GPS navigation devices began catching on en masse. Almost overnight, the days of pulling onto the shoulder to wrestle with an enormous paper map were over.

In fact, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of navigation consoles, even MapQuest and similar map-based websites have lately begun falling out of favor. Indeed, a vehicle without an LCD display command center today is practically considered suspect.

Your In-Car Navigation System Has a Potentially Expensive and Dangerous Downside
navigation system
Navigation displays inside the 2014 BMW i3

There is a downside, however, to having GPS navigation displays installed in just about every motor vehicle on the market today: The graphics on the displays can occasionally be very hard to see.

On some screens, excessive glare from the sun can nearly drown out any text or graphics, which can potentially be very dangerous. And there’s definitely nothing safe about squinting at your GPS display while you’re supposed to be concentrating on the road.

That’s not all: Drivers who wear glare-reducing polarized sunglasses while they’re behind the wheel frequently complain about the difficulty of reading their navigation display screens. Polarized sunglasses have become increasing popular over the past few years, and for good reason: they do a great job of reducing the sun’s reflected glare. Still, it’s a known fact that polarized lenses significantly reduce the visibility of images produced by LCD or LED displays. (Your in-car navigation system almost certainly has an LCD display.)

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