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Car Screen Protector Beats Replacing Car Navigation Screen

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We love hearing from people about their experiences with NuShield. When we hear the kinds of problems people have – we can share the solutions that work for them with others who may have run into similar situations. This story is about a how NuShield car screen protector saved $12,000.

Mercedes SL350 with car screen protector

Recently a Mercedes car owner wrote to us. Here is his NuShield car screen protector story.

Four years ago, I purchased a two-year old Mercedes SL350. During previous ownership or pre-delivery prep, someone used window cleaner on the COMAND satellite navigation screen, which partially removed the anti glare coating from the display.

Mercedes Comand Navigation Screen Prodtected with NuShield DayVue Screen Protector
Mercedes Comand Display with NuShield DayVue Screen Protector

With a quote of over $6,000.00 for a new COMAND, I looked for an alternate solution – and found NuShield.

When I installed the NuShield film, I thoroughly cleaned the screen to remove the remaining anti glare coating and installed the DayVue anti reflective film. The film fitted perfectly and returned the display to better than original condition — both in clarity and in full sun condition.

My visual experience with the NuShield film has been perfect — even with the roof down and in full bright sun. It was easy to fit and needs very little cleaning.

The film is better than expected. It lasted like new for four years until I recently scratched it accidentally with a vacuum cleaner. I re-ordered another DayVue film and expect it to return the display to perfect condition — saving me $6,000.00, again.

Tell us your NuShield story. By telling us your story, you may save many others from the grief – and/or expense of alternative solutions.

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