Smart Schools Protect Pupils with Anti-Microbial/Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protectors

Smart learning is becoming an effective tool through which knowledge is imparted on pupils in today’s world. Educators have learned that using technology in the classroom is not only an effective way of educating pupils, but it also provides an avenue for constant engagement within the classroom. Schools that embrace and incorporate technology provide a platform for interactive learning and they end up with more engaged pupils.

smart schools

As the use of electronic devices becomes more common in schools, it is important for them to consider the safety of their devices as well as their pupils health. The NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial/Antiglare/Anti-fingerprint films improves the visibility of a wide range of devices while preventing the growth of germs on the display surface.

Device Challenges for Smart Schools

There are many different devices that are used in smart schools, ranging from tablets, calculators, laptops, notepads and TV monitors. One challenge that pupils and instructors face in the classroom is the light coming through windows or from the overhead lighting, causing glare and reflections, making it hard to see the screen.

In addition, touchscreen devices that are shared among pupils can be the source of harmful germs and bacteria. It is therefore important for educators to take care of the health of their pupils while improving the visibility of their devices within the classroom.

The NuShield Triple A films reduce glare from your devices while preventing the accumulation of germs on your device displays. The NuShield Triple A film contains a matte finish that scatters reflected glare in different directions. The film also filters out up to 99% of UVB light from reflecting onto your eyes. The end result is minimized glare and improved visibility indoors.The films also have anti-fingerprint properties that keep the screen cleaner and scratch-resistant.

Protection from germs and bacteria

In smart schools, touch screen devices are becoming increasingly popular. Many different pupils may share the same devices in a single day, constantly tapping and typing on the screen. This naturally presents a hygiene challenge for schools.

The NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial film contains an anti-microbial properties that significantly reduce the growth of germs, mold, and mildew. If students move around often with their devices, using them outside, in school laboratories, and even in cafeterias, the Anti-microbial film has them covered.

No more fingerprints and scratches

In order to prevent costly maintenance from worn out displays, the NuShield Triple A screen protectors contain anti-fingerprint and scratch resistant capabilities. The matte finish on the surface hides fingerprints from touchscreen devices, thus improving visibility and appearance. The film also protects your devices from scratches, which can lead to costly repairs.

Installation is fast and easy

The NuShield Triple A film is easy to apply and remove because they donĂ­t use an epoxy adhesive to stick to the screen. Instead, they incorporate a slightly tacky silicone rubber that leaves no adhesive residues on the display upon application. And because the material does not trap air, bubbles are easily pushed out using your finger.

Wondering if your device is covered?

The NuShield Triple A Antiglare/Anti-microbial/Anti-fingerprint screen protectors are available for over 12,000 devices. Handheld devices, monitors, tablets, TVs and media players are all covered. Check here for your specific device. If your item is not listed, we can design custom screen protectors that are cut and fit to the size of your device.

Revolutionize your smart school with healthier and better displaying devices. Contact us, chat with us online, or call 877-900-9192 to order your NuShield Triple A films today!