Slot Machines in Casinos are Being Protected by NuShield

If you ever visited a gambling hall or casino you can’t miss the bells, whistles and lights emanating from those “one arm bandits” known as slot machines. From the days when you had to pull the lever to start the game these machines have evolved to the point where you are using a “touch screen” to place your bet and start the game.

This “deck” is sensitive and is a factory for germs. Just think of all the players who have sat in front of the machine in a 24-hour period touching the buttons during their play. And they are rarely cleaned. So, when you sit down to try your luck, you are also gambling that the germs deposited on the surface will not be harmful to you.

slot machines

This is why Caesars Entertainment and various other casinos have turned to NuShield to create a Triple A anti-microbial film to fit over this surface and kill the germs deposited by customers. Right now, many machines made by Scientific Games and Aristocrat manufacturers are being protected.  Soon, NuShield will be adding overlays for other gaming machines as requested by the casinos. 

Another purpose for the NuShield film is to protect the surface of the deck from damage by patrons who might accidentally burn the surface with their cigarettes, scratch it with their jewelry, spill their drink or just slam their fist when fortune is not in their favor.

The Triple A screen protector film also reduces glare from the lights and hides the many fingerprints as patrons use the machines. The film is easy to install and offers long duration of protection. And you can also protect your home and other devices by placing a NuShield protector on them as well. NuShield offers screen protectors for over 15,000 different devices which include phones, tablets, laptops, monitors and even televisions.  You can look for your device on the website: If you don’t find your device listed on the site, NuShield will work with you to create a film size to fit your screen.