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Best Anti-Reflective Screen Protector for Skiing and Snowboarding Action Cameras and GPS

When it comes to a fun, rough and tumble sport in an exhilarating environment, nothing beats skiing or snowboarding. Flying down hills, going over jumps, twists, turns, slaloms and every which way but loose!

Of course, one of the favorite things to do during all of your runs downhill is to make sure it is captured on video. All the thrills, spills, jumps, ollies and nollies, are just as much fun watching them back at the lodge as they are doing them out on the slopes.

Action Cams

Action cams are rugged little cameras that capture video at high definition levels. They can be mounted onto a helmet, strapped onto your waist, held high on a selfie stick or placed on a specially designed mount that will affix it to shoes, hats, boots or virtually anything else.

Once turned on and recording, they will capture everything that goes before the lens, and you’ll be able to set the shots up first by checking the LED screen on the back and monitoring what is happening on the front screen.

GPS Units Too

Before you can get out the action cam, you have to know where you are going, where you have been or where you have actually ended up after a long run through some virgin powder.

That’s precisely where a miniature GPS unit comes in handy. Even if you go off course and end up out in the middle of nowhere, your GPS will be able to tell you exactly where you are and how to get back to where you want to go.

Miniature GPS units can be worn just about anywhere, even on your wrist like a giant wrist watch, and the newest models incorporate all of the GPS electronics into a ski goggle. All you need to do is look up into the goggle and you’ll know exactly where you are and where you are going.

It’s All In The Screen

The one thing in common between action cams and and miniaturized GPS units is the screen. On both of these gadgets the screens gives you all of the information that you need for viewing, setting them up, playback or plotting a course down your favorite run.

Screens Are Delicate

The biggest advantage on either of these two devices is also their largest drawback. Screens are delicate and can scratch or get damaged easily. Plus, out in the open with the sun shining down, you are also going to have to contend with glare. And in a world of going down hills, turning quickly, and over jumps at speed, your screen is going to be the thing that suffers most after a long day out on the slopes.

But there is something you can do to ward off scratches, water spots, and keep the glare from letting you see all of the necessary information on your screen.

NuShield DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

The DayVue is an overlay film that protects your screen from scratches, dings and even moisture that might occur from being exposed to snow. Plus, it reduces the glare coming from sunlight, making your screen easier to see. In fact, this same film is used by Hollywood film makers, the Military and even police forces to keep their screens protected from damage and glare.

The NuShield DayVue screen protector film is available in sizes from action cameras to smartphones, laptops, GPS devices and even televisions. If your device is not listed, you can custom fit your screen size and NuShield will cut the film to fit.

Remember, when you go skiing or snowboarding, you wear protective clothing to keep those scratches and dings away. When taking your action cam or GPS unit along, they also need that same kind of protection, and the best you can do is to put on an easy to install NuShield DayVue screen protector.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215-500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.