Protect Holiday Gifts you Give this Year with NuShield Screen Protectors

The holiday season is upon us once again and people are starting to shop for gifts for their loved ones. If you’re like many, you may be considering getting a tablet or iPad for those dear to you. These handy devices are perfect for those who love to read; they hold countless books, magazines and newspapers, and are light, thin and easy to carry. You won’t have to carry a heavy bag of books to the pool or on vacation, and you don’t have to worry about recycling or throwing away so much paper when you’re done reading.

Screen ProtectorsThe Problems with Glossy-Screen Devices

But tablets and iPads have some potentially serious problems, that keep many people from using them to their fullest. First, it’s difficult to use them in the sun. Their screens are reflective, and the sun’s glare bounces back into your eyes, obscuring your view of the words and pictures on the screen. Turning up the screen’s brightness may make it a little easier to read, but it drains the battery swiftly and doesn’t get rid of the glare. Using a device with a reflective screen for three or more hours in one session puts you at risk of computer vision syndrome (CVS), which can cause eyestrain, blurry vision, itchy eyes and headaches.

What’s more, your device’s screen is fragile. A bump, knock or drop could create a scratch or scuff-mark on your device’s screen, or could even crack it. Repairing a device’s screen is costly, and a damaged screen can greatly decrease your device’s resale value.

Protect Your Eyes with Screen Protectors

But there’s a simple solution. NuShield DayVue™ antireflective screen protectors absorb sunglare and lets you read instead of squint at the display. Without reflection your device becomes far easier to read and use. Thanks to the technology DayVue uses, you can even use your device with polarized sunglasses!

And DayVue screen protectors don’t just save your eyes: they also save your screen. DayVue is a very thin but incredibly sturdy film that protects your screen from damage like scratches, sand or suntan lotion. Your device will be able to stand up to far more wear and tear, and it’ll look its best for years to come.

All NuShield screen protectors come pre-cut to the size of your screen, so there’s no need to worry about slicing the film down to fit. (If you can’t find a film for your device on NuShield’s site, contact NuShield and they will cut it to fit.) The film attaches onto your device in one simple application, using a tacky adhesive on the back. The film can be peeled off and reinstalled if necessary without leaving any residue behind. The film’s outstanding strength means it can almost last as long as your device.

Buying a NuShield screen protector is one of the best ways of making sure an iPad, tablet or other device is a pleasure to use, even in brilliant sunlight. It’s also a good way of keeping the device safe from damage that can make the it difficult to use, or damage its resale value down the line. NuShield screen protectors are an extra thoughtful touch that makes your gift an even greater treasure.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215 500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.