Key Importance of a Screen Protector for Your Eyes When Using Devices

Smartphones and tablets are becoming a common sight these days as almost everyone – including you – has at least one. Speaking of sight, those same mobile devices can take a toll on your eyes, especially if you can’t spend at least an hour without checking on your social media account, catching up on some TV series, or playing your favorite mobile game. You may not become totally blind, but your vision can decline if you’re using your mobile device with an unprotected screen. Thus, you would want to buy a screen protector, and listed below are some reasons why it’s important for your eyes whenever you’re using your mobile device.

screen protectorWhy Is a Screen Protector Important for Your Eyes When You’re Using Your Mobile Devices?

Screen protectors have come a long way ever since the first one was patented exactly fifty years ago, even if it was originally designed with TVs in mind. You don’t even need to consult a manual or ask someone to help you out with installing a screen protector as it’s simply a piece of plastic or glass that you have to attach on top of your mobile device’s screen. However, while a screen protector can prevent your phone or tablet’s screen from getting dusty, dirty, scratched or cracked, it can also be beneficial to your eyes. Here are some of the reasons why a screen protector attached on top of your mobile device’s screen is important for your eyes:

1. Using an anti-glare screen protector reduces eyestrain

Having bright light is okay when you want to see the words to whatever it is you’re reading right now – hopefully, this one. However, too much of it can place too much strain on your eyes. Same as you’re most likely to either place one hand above your eyes or wear a cap when the sun’s shining too bright, you would want to install a screen protector on your mobile device so that its glare can get reduced to a level that your eyes can manage.

● There are actually two kinds of glare, and either can occur depending where you           are. Exposure to either can have negative effects to eyesight. Reflective glare is most commonly encountered indoors, as this is the kind of light reflected by the screen when you’re in shaded areas and is commonly eliminated with help from the NuShield Triple A film.

o Sunlight glare is commonly experienced outdoors, when the screen reflects                        glare from direct sunlight. Glare experienced outdoors can be minimized                              with polarized sunglasses and the NuShield DayVue anti-reflective film.

● Unlike other types of screen protectors that come in clear, anti-glare ones have a          matte finish to offset the glare coming out of your mobile device’s screen so that the       muscles of your eyes wouldn’t have to work too hard.

Anti-glare screen protectors are best used when you’re spending most of your time     outdoors as they lessen the glare of your mobile device so that you don’t have to            squint as you try to read whatever’s displayed on your phone or tablet’s screen.

2. Using an anti-UV screen protector shields your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays

Although today’s screen protectors are tailored and geared towards mobile consumers, there are screen protectors for devices such as monitors and laptop screens as well. This is helpful especially since monitors, laptop screens and televisions emit ultraviolet rays aside from the usual light that your eyes can see. Overexposure to those UV rays can damage your cornea and cause you to suffer from a medical condition known as photo keratitis or snow blindness. While the said medical condition results only in temporary vision loss, experiencing it can be painful.

● Aside from being anti-glare, you would want your monitor’s screen protector to be    anti-UV so that you can defend your eyes from invisible, high-energy light.

● Anti-UV screen protectors filter out UV rays by bending light so that your eyes can         comfortably read whatever’s displayed on your monitor’s screen.

3. Using a screen protector can save you from becoming partially blind

Falling between visible and ultraviolet in the entire light spectrum is blue light. Exposing yourself too often to high-energy blue light can damage your eyes to the point of blindness.

● Blue light can reach deep into the back of your eyes and damage their retinas. As the retina is light-sensitive, making it deal with high-energy light in unhealthy doses can result in macular degeneration and partial blindness.

● Special screen protectors can cut out blue light without changing both the color           and contrast of the LED display on your laptop, television or monitor so that you              don’t have to wonder why some blue light-reducing app is turning your television or tablet’s screen orange.

Using your device – especially if you use smartphones, tablets, and laptops or computers at the same time – without any screen protection can exert too much strain on your eyes which can then result in your vision becoming poor. Having prescription eyeglasses made to bring your vision back to 20/20 costs too much money, a fraction of which you could’ve used to purchase a screen protector for your mobile device instead. Aside from it being cheap and easy to install, the reasons listed above should convince you to buy a screen protector and place it on top of your phone or tablet’s screen. Your eyes can thank you later after you’ve used your mobile device with an attached screen protector on it. If you’re looking to have a screen protector installed properly, perhaps folks from BuzzTech can help you out in this regard.

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