Better Hygiene for School Devices

It might still be warm outside, but as the calendar turns to Labor Day, many children are gearing up for the new school year, and parents are busy stocking up on back-to-school supplies.


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Prevent the spread of germs in the classroom with a NuShield film

Carrying notebooks, folders, pens and pencils in backpacks is so “old school.” More and more students carry electronic tablets and laptops with them to and from school, or have these provided for them in the classroom. Interactive Smartboards have largely replaced blackboards in many school districts, and many children spend at least part of their school day in front of a desktop computer. Many of these devices have cutting-edge touch screen technology, which allows easy manipulation with a simple tap or swipe.

Screen Hygiene

Technology in the classroom is a positive force for good. But with so many devices comes a fresh concern for many administrators, teachers and parents: screen hygiene.

Everyone has dirty hands, and face it — children aren’t known for their stellar hygiene. Even if teachers and parents admonish children to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before using their devices, screens are still going to get grimy with moisture, skin oils, sweat, bacteria, viruses and germs. In just a couple of hours, these germs will breed, becoming more numerous on the display surface — and can easily transfer onto your child’s hands.

Teachers can use anti-bacterial wipes between classes, but it’s just going to get dirty again. And in classrooms where multiple students share one device such as a Smart-table, they’ll share plenty of germs along the way. As the seasons turn, and cold and flu season rolls around, this can put your child at real risk of infection from other, sick students.

Proactively Protecting Your Child with Anti-Bacterial Screen Protector

Common-sense measures like washing hands, using hand sanitizer and wiping the screen clean, only go so far to eliminate germs. However, applying an anti-microbial screen protector to your child’s devices, you can eliminate germ growth, and improve screen hygiene. This is the same technology used in some healthcare facilities that have converted to electronic diagnostic instruments and laptops.

NuShield Triple A™ anti-microbial screen film has a built in coating which stops the growth of germs. Installing a NuShield film will significantly reduce your child’s germ exposure. But the Triple A screen protector’s benefits don’t stop at hygiene. The Triple A is an ultra-thin film to maintain touch screen functionality and is also strong and sturdy to protect the display against scratches, chips and cracks. And the screen’s matte finish eliminates glare and makes it easy to use devices in direct light.

The Triple A screen film comes pre-cut to fit most devices, and application is easy: just smooth it over the device’s screen. If you ever need to remove the film, it’ll peel right off, but your Triple A film will typically last as long as your device.

Promote screen hygiene, and protect your kids — and their devices — this fall. Invest in a NuShield Triple A screen protector, and keep your kids safe from germs while they have fun learning. And be sure to ask your school administrators about their policy to protect your child against germs in the classroom. Installing a NuShield film is an easy and quick solution to reduce absenteeism during cold and flu season.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215 500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.