RV Motor Home 2019 Show Schedule

If you are thinking about buying a new RV or refurbishing the one you have there is no better place to get an education about new products than at a large exhibition where you find companies who offer products from new mobile homes to the smallest accessories to help you on the road. To help you find the RV show nearest you we are providing you with a link to the 2019 schedule.

RV Motor HomeOne of the latest trends is to install a television on the outside of the RV and you will need an RV dome antenna to get local channels. You might also want to get a satellite subscription service so you can watch sports events and get news from home.  Along with the TV you will need some sort of awning to block out the sun during the daytime.  But this method will not block out reflections on the screen from your surroundings.

This is where NuShield comes in.  The NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector film will eliminate the surrounding glare on your TV and allow you to watch a clear image during the day. The film comes in sizes up to 80 inch diagonal and is easy to install by two people and a rubber squeegee.  The thin, flexible film will not harm your screen and can be lifted and replaced during installation.

NuShield currently offers film sizes to fit over 500 TV models from numerous manufacturers and will work with you to create a size to fit your screen if they don’t currently offer one for your model. 

And while you’re at it you can also find a film size to fit your GPS display, tablet or laptop that you use to find your way around the country.  So wherever you travel around this great nation, don’t forget to take NuShield along with you on the road for a better viewing experience.