Religious Institutions Use The Internet to Reach Out To Worshippers During Covid-19 Scare

The Covid-19 pandemic has emptied church pews and religious leaders needed to find a new way to communicate with parishioners and help them through the stay-at-home lockdowns. Many institutions have turned to online streaming of services or Zoom meetings and e-mailing prerecorded services. By offering these digital platforms churches continue to provide comfort and help the community practice their faith while staying connected despite social distancing.

Religious InstitutionsMany churches also have Facebook pages and YouTube channels where they can post information and videos. While members have a varying degree of tech knowledge, most are able to participate through one form or another. In addition, these channels are also used to continue other activities such as Scripture readings, Bible classes, and prayer teams to help everyone get through these hard times.

Services can be as simple as a pastor recording himself conducting Sunday service or larger productions where there is a professional recording and television monitor used to help members follow along the service. This new technology can be somewhat daunting to some churches and they found that placing a TV monitor at the wrong angle can create reflective glare off the screen.

Many churches have researched and found NuShield to help alleviate this glare with great results. The NuShield Triple A anti-glare / anti-microbial screen protector film not only eliminates the glare, but also eliminates germs from growing on the surface of the TV screen. During these times of cleanliness we are highly aware about unwanted germs around us.

The Triple A film has a tacky back surface and it is easy to install, although it is recommended that two people complete the process. Any air bubbles created can be easily smoothed out. NuShield currently offers film sizes to fit hundreds of TV models and it is very easy to create new sizes. Just provide width and height dimensions of the screen area when you contact NuShield.

Based on conversations with religious institutions they plan to continue using these TV monitors during services even after social gatherings are once again allowed. And a non-glare display will be critical so that everyone can see the screen from the pews without distracting glare.