How to Reduce Reflections to Improve TV Viewing on Porches

There’s no need to stay cooped up inside while you watch TV. To get a breath of fresh air, many people are putting their TV on their porch. It’s nice to sit outside on a porch or outdoor room in the evening and catch up on your favorite shows while the fireflies come out. Or set up your TV and watch the big game on a Sunday afternoon with your friends, where you can enjoy the sunshine and the warm breeze.

reduce reflections

Some TVs are specifically designed to be put on porches or in the out-of-doors, while other TV watchers make do with putting their normal TV set outside. Either way, it’s far easier to put your TV set outside than it was in the past. Digital TV antennas make it easy to get a large number of local stations with crystal clear reception and no cables running out onto your porch. And with a smart TV and a solid WiFi connection, you can stream NetFlix and other online services onto your TV — again, without running cables out of your house.

Safe from the Weather

Some people worry about what the weather could do to their television. You should make sure your porch’s roof or canopy is watertight, without any leaks, before you put your TV outside. If any rain gets into your porch, the water could damage your television.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your porch is screened in. Not only will this make it more comfortable as summer rolls around and bugs come out, but you won’t have a problem with bugs or pollen entering your TV set’s casing.

Reflecting Glare

Unfortunately, there’s one side-effect of bringing your TV onto your porch, which many TV watchers may not be ready to deal with. During the day, sunlight reflects off the various items around your yard and onto your TV screen, making it more difficult to watch — or even painful, if the glare is bright enough.

Inside, you can draw blinds to darken the room while you’re watching TV during the day. But there are no such protections from the sun outside. You can turn up the back light on your TV set a little, but that won’t really resolve the problem, especially during the brightest hours of the day. It’s frustrating enough that many TV set owners may want to bring their TVs inside almost as soon as they brought them out, because they can’t figure out how to reduce reflections.

Eliminating Reflections and Glare

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to reduce reflections on your TV screen. NuShield offers an antiglare screen protector that reduces reflections on all kinds of screens. The NuShield Triple A film will greatly reduce reflections from your screen.

Many people know they can buy NuShield screen protectors for their phone, tablet or laptop, but it may not occur to them that they can buy a screen protector for their TV. Not only will a NuShield screen protector reduce reflections, but it’ll also protect your screen from any scratches.

When you’re ready to watch your TV in clarity and comfort, check online to see if NuShield provides a screen protector pre-cut for your TV. If not, measure the width and height of the LCD area of your TV and then send the information to NuShield using the Contact Us form on the NuShield website. We’ll custom cut one for your screen’s size.