Real Estate Agencies Benefit from Digital Signage

In the real estate business, visuals are key. Prospective buyers for homes and other residences want to know what the interior looks like and need a truthful representation that uses clear, HD quality pictures and one of the best ways to show that is through the right kind of screen. They can also use digital screens for other things within the office such as showing promotions or using it for internal purposes amongst employees.

Regardless, real estate agencies can benefit from digital signage both outside and in the office, but those screens will need something highly important: an anti glare screen protector.

Anti Reflective Screens & Screen Glare
Many businesses are making the switch to digital signage because of how easy it makes running a business that needs to convey a lot of information to their customers.

Restaurants have been installing digital signage in their establishments to show off their menu on a very clear, bright screen that anybody can easily read. Plus, the menu can be Digital Signageeasily changed by updating the document on the computer that the screens are displaying.

The same can be applied to an real estate agency. Signage helps show as much information as possible without having to worry about handwriting it and all of the information can be easily updated, which can happen constantly in real estate.

But when you start installing the digital signage into the office, there might be glare from natural sunlight that can make it impossible to read the signs or even damage the digital screens.

This is where an anti glare screen protector comes into play and should always be installed on any digital sign being used. LCD screens are highly susceptible to glare when it comes to sunlight but you can get rid of that annoying glare instantly and completely with the right custom fitted anti reflective screen protector.

In particular, NuShield Triple A fits perfectly over larger LCD screens meant for businesses help diffuse glare with their specialized technology and treatment in the protector. Not only do they help with glare but they also make your digital signage smudge proof so you don’t have to clean them off every single day.

Another great idea that you can use in your real estate agency is using the NuShield DayVue anti reflective screen protector on the business office window with the NuShield Triple A  LCD protected screen positioned behind to display promotions and other important business information.

Savvy realtors double up on screen protectors to keep the LCD screen scratch, smudge, and bacteria free while also removing that pesky sun glare. That’s much better than trying to write out or print out signs every time you need to change something or having customers miss out on important information.

Whether you’re using digital signage outside or in the office, a screen protector is a must. NuShield has screen protectors for indoor use that help protect the screen from smudges and scratches and screen protectors for outdoor screens that help protect against the elements. Both will help combat glare as well as keep your digital signage protected from everyday wear and tear so that they can last much longer.

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