Protecting Your Tablet Screen from Little Fingers

Anti reflective screen protector and protective case
NuShield Triple A film and protective case in classroom

Are you planning on giving a tablet device as a gift for a young family member this year? You’ll be surprised at how quickly an electronic device can become smudged and soiled by the sticky fingers of young holiday revelers. You might want to include an antiglare film for tablet to make sure your holiday gift stands up to all the wear and tear that little fingers


NuShield offers screen protector film that’s perfect for tablet devices you’ll put in thehands of your favorite little one this Christmas. The benefits of our Triple A antiglare film for tablet go beyond merely protecting from smudges and fingerprints. Our films are also antimicrobial and antiglare.

Giving a tablet device as a gift

Young children can get a lot of use out of a tablet device. Not only can a tablet provide young ones with hours of entertainment, but it can also develop their computer skills and provide them with access to the many educational resources that the Internet offers.

Yet anyone who has experience with children knows that electronic devices are especially susceptible to damage from young users. Children might be ready to learn to use a tablet device, but that doesn’t mean they understand how to care for fragile electronics.

Unfortunately, tablets won’t necessarily stand up to the rigors of being cleaned with a harsh household cleaner. When it comes to electronic devices, it’s better to protect against exposure to sticky fingers and rough play than to clean up after the fact.

What can you expect from Triple A screen protector?

Triple A antiglare film for tablet from NuShield should go along with any tablet that’s being given to young gift recipients this holiday season. Not only will this screen protector from NuShield protect against fingerprints, but it will also kill bacteria and germs on a device’s touchscreen. This means that you can reduce the chances that your beloved children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews will pick up colds from using your special gift this holiday season.

Our Triple A screen protector film technology has been shown to kill 99 percent of colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus on electronic device screens. And that’s not all. The wide antibacterial spectrum killed by NuShield’s antibacterial coating will kill a multitude of harmful microbes capable of leaving your beloved family members with severe colds at the height of the holiday fun.

There are quite a few additional advantages to using Triple A screen protector film from NuShield. In addition to offering anti-microbial properties, NuShield’s screen protectors also improve visibility by shielding tablet displays from glare from the sun. This means that tablets can be used in areas exposed to bright sunlight without any visibility issues.

Completing your holiday gift

Including antiglare film for tablet in your holiday gift package this year will show some extra thought and improve the functionality of tablet devices.

At NuShield, you can find a screen protector film to fit any tablet device. Check out our website to find the right film for the particular tablet device you’re giving as a gift. Not only do we offer different products to go along with the variety of devices currently on the market, but we also have custom design capabilities that fit a screen of any size up to 5.0″ diagonal.

Complete your tablet gift with the right antiglare film for tablet. A tablet isn’t complete without a Triple A screen protector from NuShield. This antiglare film for tablet will protect the life, maintain the cleanliness, and enhance the functionality of your tablet gift this holiday season!

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