Fighting ISIS on the battlefield with NuShield DayVue Protected Devices

Using your laptop or tablet while sitting at home you don’t usually worry about the reflective sun glare on your display.

But what if you were out in the desert, or other hostile territory, on the trail of ISIS, where there is little or no shade, trying to coordinate military forces or logistics with the sun beating down on you from above? While there are laptops and tablets that have been built for these specific situations, they still do not perform as well when the user wears polarized sunglasses. You may get rid of the glare, but the darkening effect of the glasses would limit your vision of the screen in front of you. It almost seems like a no-win situation.

Military Grade

Protected Devices
Battlefield Monitors with NuShield DayVue Anti Reflective Screen Protection

To help our soldiers deal with this situation NuShield has created an anti-reflective screen protector film. The NuShield DayVue protective film allows soldiers to better see the display with or without polarized sunglasses. Troop coordination, directing air strikes or communications with command require instant response and the DayVue film provides that clarity needed in a sun-filled environment. By being able to read the display without slowing down, saving precious seconds by not having to squint or have to shade the screen with your hands can make all the difference in any battlefield decision, and that can potentially save lives.

Nothing But The Best

Modern warfare uses computers and laptops on the battlefield, and these computer screens need the latest technology. Without scratch protection and reflection in the glaring sun, these screens would look more like mirrors and be virtually impossible to make out.

The military understands the need for technology and they outfit soldiers with the best available tools to do their jobs. That is why NuShield DayVue screen protectors are part of the team. They are proven to reduce glare and to protect the screen from physical damage such as scratches. Military contractors who build and refurbish electronic equipment trust the NuShield DayVue film to keep their devices safe and effective while in the field.

You can now take this same technology and apply it to your own electronic devices at home or in the office. NuShield has been leading the field in innovative screen protection and glare elimination for over 15 years, and that experience is one of the reasons why they are trusted to provide the best protection on the market today. Currently, there are over 12,000 devices that NuShield covers, ranging from smartphones to large television displays, GPS units, laptops and everything in between. Military grade, consumer friendly, contact NuShield today to protect your device.