How to Protect Your Smartphone Screen at the Grocery Store

smartphone screenRemember the good old days when the grocery list was stuck to the refrigerator (probably with a magnet), and everyone simply wrote down what they needed?

Of course, when you needed to go shopping you had to actually remember to bring the list with you.

Or you had to make an extra trip home to get the list. Or maybe you just went off the store without it.

Times Have Changed

Nowadays, grocery lists can be kept on smartphones, which pretty much eliminates the problem of forgetting your food list altogether. What’s more, there are literally hundreds of apps available that can help you significantly improve your shopping experience.

smartphone screenSimple list apps like Google Keep turn that list-stuck-to-the-refrigerator into an online checklist that all members of the household can easily update whenever they feel the need.

Grocery iQ is a great app for you and other household members to keep track of your grocery bill.

Other apps, like Out of Milk and Check Out 51, not only keep track of prices but will even update you about local coupons and sales. Some use GPS technology to notify you if you pass by a store that’s having a sale.

There are also a number of more specialized grocery apps out there. Apps like Big Oven, for instance, will suggest recipes based on what’s already in your fridge, and then update your grocery list so you’ll have all the other ingredients you need to try out new recipes.

The Next Smartphone Problem

Let’s talk about the new problem that bringing your phone into the grocery store brings: Glare.

smartphone screenWe’ve all seen shoppers in the store who are craning their wrist in an attempt to position their phone at just the right angle. Thanks to the extra-bright overhead lights that are found in most grocery stores, it’s not always easy to read your list, or to operate those convenient apps.

You’ve probably been in this situation yourself: First, you try to hold your phone over your head, but end up blinding yourself by the ceiling lights in the process. Then you try a more eye-level stance, but moving your phone to different angles causes the orientation of your screen to flip.

Then there’s the most popular solution: holding your phone close to your chest with one hand, while using your other hand to block out as much light as possible. Of course, this leave zero hands free for shopping …

Protect Your Phone and Minimize Glare

If you want to keep your grocery lists on your phone, let NuShield help.

Not only do NuShield screen protectors keep your screen from getting scratched, dinged or otherwise damaged, but they can completely eliminate your screen’s glare. NuShield also offers screen protectors that are antimicrobial. That means a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device protected by a NuShield screen won’t pick up any of the unhealthy bacteria or germs that may be waiting for you on the grocery store shelves.

NuShield Triple A Film

Our Triple A Film is packed with antiglare, antimicrobial and antifingerprint technology. Thanks to its matte surface, it does an exceptionally good job of reducing glare and minimizing reflections. Your grocery shopping experience will be exponentially more enjoyable — not to mention more productive — with a Triple A Film on your smartphone screen.

Our Triple A Film is also very easy to apply and remove. It can be cleaned with bleach, rubbing alcohol or solvent, and doing so won’t remove or reduce its antibacterial properties in the slightest.

DayVue Film

Our DayVue antireflective (AR) film is uniquely designed for mobile devices that will be used outdoors. (Farmers market lovers, this is the film for you.)  The DayVue Film also has superior scratch-resistant technology, which will protect your phone or tablet as it bounces around in your tote bag or purse.

And while your display’s reflection will certainly be minimized with the use of our DayVue Film, you’ll also find that the display will actually appear clearer and brighter than before. Click to read more about our DayVue technology.

Ready to order a NuShield screen protector for your smartphone or other mobile device? Click here.