Protect EMS Workers and Patients with NuShield Anti-Bacterial Triple A Films

Protect EMS Workers and Patients with NuShield Anti-Bacterial Triple A Films

You may believe that places where medical personnel work, like hospitals, ambulances, emergency rooms, or other clinical settings, are pretty much bacteria free. The truth, however, is another matter. Some of the worst bacterial infections come from these places, and no matter how hard anyone tries, coming in contact with a device that has been contaminated, could lead to a nasty bacterial infection.


Protect EMS Workers and Patients with NuShield Anti-Bacterial Triple A FilmsYes, there are anti-bacterial precautions taken at every medical facility, and for the most part they are effective. In an enclosed space, like a room or a bay, it is easier to keep things under control and have an anti-bacterial protocol intact that includes spraying, cleaning, frequent hand washing and masks. But in the real world, the world of an Emergency Medical Responder, or EMS for short, those types of precautions cannot always be adhered to.

Out in the Field

When an emergency call comes in, the EMS team rushes to take care of it. With them goes their gear, including the latest in touch-screen monitors, laptops, GPS systems, and tablets. However, a mobile unit that is constantly on the go does not have time to carefully disinfect the whole vehicle and the items inside after every patient.

Most of these medical devices are hands-on, so people are touching them all the time. It is extremely easy to pass infectious bacteria from person to display screen unknowingly. And with no time to clean, germs can be transferred that may potentially infect the user or the next patient, especially during cold and flue season.

What can be Done?

The NuShield Triple A anti-microbial film kills off 99% of bacteria on the display surface of a device, and it also resists fingerprints, scratches, and glare too. It is the perfect screen protector for places where multiple users have access to devices with LCD displays, exactly the kind of environment that is so common during EMS procedures.

Display screens provide a breeding ground for germs, but with the the Triple A film, you can stop bacteria in their tracks. Plus, the matte finish reduces glare, which is terrific for use in a vehicle, where you never know which way the sun might be shining, or how the overhead lighting might effect the screens visual clarity.

Perhaps better still, in the hectic situations that an EMS tech might find themselves in, with many people moving around in a confined space while several different pairs of hands are attempting to use different pieces of equipment, the scratch resistance becomes invaluable.

The NuShield Difference

In the hectic world of EMS technicians, there are times when life saving situations occur that are going on around them. They don’t have time to worry about germs, glare or scratches on displays. It is during these moments where NuShield Triple A film technology comes to the rescue providing an anti-microbial protection that is required.

The film installs easily and lasts a long time period. It can stand up to the most caustic disinfectants and the is currently used in hospitals and other health care facilities around the US and Canada.

How to Order NuShield Triple A Anti-microbial Protective Films

To better protect both the first responders and patients, make sure all of the devices in the EMS fleet are protected with NuShield Triple A anti-microbial films. You can select the brands and models of the fleet’s touch-screen monitors, laptops, GPS systems, and tablets, the Triple A film type, and the quantity you want delivered to you in NuShield’s online order form. If you don’t see a device’s brand and model number, provide the screen dimensions in NuShield’s Contact form. NuShield will contact you regarding costs and delivery information.