Proper Care for LCD, LED and Plasma Surfaces

NuShield® is protecting screen displays worldwide, saving a generation labeled as “Generation C” — or “Generation Connected” from costly display repairs or replacements. Devices using liquid crystal displays or plasma displays are everywhere. Whether the display is monochrome or color, they are easily damaged without proper care – or protection.

Poorly Visible Screens without NuShield DayVue Films
Damaged GPS by Salt Water
NuShield DayVue Films for Marine Navigation Screens
Display with NuShield DayVue Film Looks Like New

Some display surfaces have a matte, anti-glare coating to reduce reflective glare and hide fingerprints. Manufacturers of televisions, laptops, computer monitors, tablets, Smartphones, navigation screen in our cars, desktop phone systems, and handheld devices frequently use matte, anti-glare coating films on their displays.

This coating reacts poorly to cleaning products that contain ammonia (window cleaning liquids), ethyl alcohol (drinking alcohol), toluene (paint solvents), acetone or ethyl acetate (nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Using any liquids that contain these chemicals will react with the display coating resulting in discoloration, streaks and even dissolution of the coating.

Car navigation screens are most likely to be damaged because the person who cleans the inside windshield at your local carwash can easily wipe the display with the same cloth used to wipe fingerprints. He uses a glass cleaner, which works fine for the windshield, but damages the display.

Take Action Before You Damage Your LCD, LED and Plasma Surfaces

The best way to protect a display from damage is to install a screen protector film. Anti-glare or Anti-reflective films maintain the display’s visual clarity and prevent the screen from appearing as a mirror.
NuShield offers multiple films for different functions. For indoor use, recommended options include:

For outdoor use, the NuShield DayVue™ anti-reflective film is recommended, to eliminate visibility problems from mirror-like reflections – making it easy to see screen details outdoors, even when wearing polarized sunglasses.

NuShield offers films for over 12,000 devices and creates new sizes without extra charge. Orders are usually turned around in 48 hours, even for custom sizes.

Repairing Damaged Displays

If a display has been damaged by one of the liquids mentioned earlier, NuShield also provides a solution to restore the display to look like new. This saves thousands of dollars in display recoating or replacement costs. Mercedes Benz charges over $9,000 to replace the Comand display while a NuShield film only costs about $25.00 with the same result.

Once you discover that your display is damaged take a soft cloth and window cleaning liquid and continue to remove the damaged coating from the display. Use Q-tips to remove the coating from the corners. This will remove the streaky look of the screen.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

To replace damaged display finishes or coatings, visit the NuShield website or call 215 500-6426 to purchase a film to fit the display. For indoor use, select the Triple A or AG film type and for outdoor use the DayVue™ film type. When you receive the film in the mail, simply install it on your display. The NuShield film now becomes a strong barrier that withstands the use of harsh chemicals and prevents any damage to the actual display.