Problems With Screen Glare When Watching Videos on a Tablet?

problems with screen glareThink back to a time 10 years ago—or even five years ago.  Are you having trouble envisioning what life was like before your smartphone parceled out every piece of information you could possibly ask for? Do you find yourself wondering how life even existed when you didn’t have your tablet at your fingertips at all times?

Technology has definitely changed the way we live our lives. There was a time when the only way you could catch your favorite movies and TV shows was to literally rearrange your life around the schedules set forth by the television networks and local cinemas. Now we live in a world in which you can watch whatever you want—whenever and wherever you desire—all with the magic of those wonderful mobile devices we call tablets.

The Concerns of Mobile Convenience

Whether you realize it or not, when you’re watching a video, a movie or a TV show on your tablet, you’re often catching a good amount of glare as well. Not only can the bright and glaring tablet screen be annoying to stare at for the duration of a movie or a few episodes of a TV show, but the strain can also cause health issues.  Enhanced by sunlight, overhead fluorescent lights, or even the regular lighting in your home, the glare from tablets can cause great strain on the eyes, which can lead to severe headaches.

problems with screen glare
Does light glare interfere when you’re watching videos on a tablet? Try our Triple A screen protector.

You may find yourself squinting to fight through it, or you may not even physically notice the discomfort initially, but the end result of the strain from glare can be substantial.

Studies have also shown that using your tablet to watch TV before you go to bed, without a filter to protect you from the direct glare of the screen, can negatively impact your sleep pattern in a significant way.

After a long day, most of us want to unwind with our favorite cast of characters, but a tablet that doesn’t filter out glare with a high-quality screen protector may be doing more damage than good if you’re not able to get a full night’s sleep and restore lost energy.

Getting the Most from Your Gadget

The glare from tablet screens that aren’t covered by protective film is unavoidable. But there is a way to reduce the stress your eyes feel when you’re watching videos. NuShield’s Triple A antimicrobial and antiglare film is a screen protector made with technology that scatters the light that causes glare, effectively minimizing the effects that come from your tablet’s screen. Newton rings, which are produced when light waves receive interference, are significantly reduced, thus causing a significantly more comfortable viewing experience.

problems with screen glare
Do you use your tablet outside? Try NuShield’s DayVue screen protector.

The application of a NuShield antiglare screen protector is surprisingly easy, which means you can reduce the impact of glare on your tablet without having to spend a fortune by taking it to a professional.

With Triple A technology covering your device’s screen, you’ll no longer have to worry about positioning your tablet in just a certain way in order to avoid the glare coming from a bedside table lamp, or a desk lamp, or an overhead lamp.

Another bonus: The back surface of your NuShield film comes complete with a low-tack adhesive—a slightly tacky silicone rubber, to be specific—instead of the traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive most screen protectors are made with. Those bubbles you see on other peoples’ devices, in other words, won’t be an issue. With NuShield, you’ll avoid your screen’s painful glare, as well as other annoyances that lesser-quality screen protectors would have you put up with.

Light issues aside, there are other external factors that will no longer get in the way of your viewing pleasure if a NuShield screen protector is part of your tablet. The screen will reduce the reflection of objects that surround you while you’re watching videos, for instance. So rather than looking back at yourself in your screen or seeing duplicate images of your lamps and wall hangings, your mind will readily focus instead on whatever you’re watching.

Added Benefits

The focal point of NuShield’s antiglare film, regardless of whether you use Triple A film for indoor viewing or DayVue film for outdoor use, is to make your tablet experience more comfortable and more enjoyable. And as with all great products, there are additional benefits you’ll realize when you add an antiglare screen protector to your device.

Your screen will have far greater protection from the everyday bumps, bruises, scratches, and scuffs that can devalue your device and make watching videos more of a task than a pastime. Fingerprints are far less likely to make a big impact, and should they appear, you can clean them off easily without worrying about scratching your screen.

Protect your tablet, and get rid of the glare! Click here to find your device, and get ready to watch TV and videos in a whole new light.