Glare Reflection Can Now Be Avoided on Your RV TV, GPS, and Cameras

RV travel has always been a popular form of getting away from the hustle and the bustle of city life, and with gas prices dropping like never before, taking the RV out for a camping trip, or a cross country journey, has never been easier than it is now.

Prevent Glare Reflection on Rand McNally RV GPS
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One thing that you may not think of while traveling is glare on all of your electronic viewing screens. TV’s, GPS units, cameras and even laptops, tablets and notebooks are going to be used in places where they wouldn’t normally be.

Let’s face it, driving down the highway with the sun streaming through various windows at any given angle, has the potential to cause some major glare. Couple that with being in a campground out in the open, sunlight during the day and RV lights on during the evening, and all of your electronic screens, are going to be subjected to an environment that they weren’t necessarily designed for. An RV adventure that started out with the promise of an incredibly fun time, may turn out to be more of a hassle than its worth if glare is blocking out all of the information on computer screens and smartphones.

Glare Reflection

The #1 enemy of all electronic viewing screens is glare reflection. Overhead lights, direct lighting and most annoyingly, sunlight, will cause glare reflection which can be so severe that you won’t be able to see your viewing screen. Sure, you may be able to turn your device to rid the screen of glare, but if you are traveling in a certain direction down the road in an RV, you may not have that option. Sunlight streaming into the cabin, whether you are on the move or stopped at a camp site, may render a built-in TV screen, your GPS unit or even the LCD viewfinder on your camera, useless.

RV Outside TVThis is even more profound taking pictures. As they say, always keep the sun at your back when shooting a photo. But modern day viewfinders are essentially small video screens. With the sun at your back, the glare will be so intense, that you won’t see a thing. You may miss that perfect picture of wildlife, a group picture or worse, the kids or grandkids. All because of reflective glare.

The NuShield Solution

The DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film was created to tackle the problem of glare in the open field or on the water. This film was created for use by the US military so that soldiers can clearly read their device displays on the battlefield. And now it is available to you for your electronic devices. It works best on devices used in direct sunlight.

The Triple A anti-glare screen protector film is for all other applications such as indoors or under shady areas where your surroundings are being reflected onto the screen. This film eliminates those reflections so that you can easily see what you are looking at without glare.

RV travelContact NuShield Inc. for the best screen protectors made. NuShield has been a leader in screen protection for over 15 years, and has been providing glare elimination for the most unique applications. We currently provide film sizes for over 12,000 devices and we create new ones every day. Can we make one for your device?