The Perfect Gift for the Gamer in Your Life

Placing a NuShield screen protector over an iPad or tablet used for gaming is one of the many uses of antiglare film for tablet devices. Gamers can really benefit from the features of a product like the NuShield Triple A antimicrobial film because gaming on a tablet can be hard on a touchscreen, causing a buildup of germs and fingerprints if a screen protector is not used.

Anti reflective screen protector and protective case

Are you getting ready to the holiday season yet? The sooner you get your gift list prepared, the sooner you’ll be able to go out and enjoy holiday shopping. If you’ve got some young children- or lifelong gamers- on your list, you might want to consider some of the following games, apps, devices, and accessories as gifts. In addition to antiglare film for tablet, these gifts will be highly popular among gamers this holiday season:

  • Amazon Fire HD 6– The Amazon Fire HD 6 is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable item that will give a young gamer the opportunity to have their very own tablet device. The Fire HD 6 can be used for many different apps. It’s good for gaming, reading, checking e-mail, and watching videos, all while being one of the most affordable tablets on the market.
  • Math vs Dinosaurs– Are you planning to give a new tablet to a youngster on your gift list? Get it ready by loading it with some great free educational apps like Math vs Dinosaurs. Encourage children on your gift list to use their gaming time to sharpen their math skills with apps like Math vs Dinosaurs that are both educational and enjoyable.
  • Wii U GamePad– This clever app accessory is great for Nintendo fanatics. This GamePad controller facilitates game play on your tablet, but it can also be hooked up to a television. The Wii U GamePad offers HD graphics and a large selection of games.
  • einstein Tablet– If you have a young scientist on your list, the einstein Tablet is a great idea. This is an all-in-one tablet that includes a variety of different educational apps such as einstein World and MiLAB. The einstein Tablet was awarded by Bett Awards in 2014 for its innovative methods of inspiring young learners to explore the sciences.
  • iCade Arcade Cabinet– Those who love the classic arcade game setup will be charmed by this clever iPad gaming accessory. Gamers can set their iPads into the iCade Arcade Cabinet and use an arcade joystick to play. Altogether, there are 18 different games that can be played using this iPad gaming accessory.

Protecting your tablet device

NuShield films used to avoid reflections and glare on eReadersIf you’re giving a tablet gaming accessory to someone on your gift list, you can extend the life of your gift by including antiglare film for tablet. Whether the gamer on your list uses an iPad, an Android device, or another type of tablet, they will benefit from an antiglare film that will extend the life of their device’s touchscreen.

Ideally, antiglare film for tablet should not only protect a touchscreen from scratches and fingerprints, but also from bacteria. NuShield Triple A screen protectors are effective protecting against bacteria and germs thanks to their antimicrobial coating, which has been shown to reduce the germ population on a screen by 99 percent in only 24 hours.

This holiday season, help get young gamers on your list fully equipped for the coming year with everything they need to fully enjoy gaming on their tablet devices.

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