Why All Offices Should Take Advantage of NuShield’s Antimicrobial Protection

antimicrobial protection
Sharing ideas at the office? Good. Sharing your cold? Not so good. NuShield can help with that.

Every company has experienced the dreaded “office cold.” This is the malady that creeps from cubicle to cubicle, spreading germs and illness far and wide, and destroying any semblance of productivity.

When the outbreak initially occurs, coworkers try to limit its spread by keeping hand sanitizer on their desks, covering their mouths when they sneeze or cough, and spraying desktop phones with rubbing alcohol. Some of us become downright anti-social in our efforts to avoid the office plague.

While these are all laudable efforts, they don’t often seem to stop the work killing-illness whatsoever. Which begs the question: What if there was a solution so simple that office workers wouldn’t even have to think about it? Well, as it happens … there is.

Germs and Office Equipment

The equipment we use to accomplish our everyday work is literally teeming with microbes, bacteria, and viruses. A research team in the UK conducted an examination and found that photocopiers, phones, desks, computers, and pretty much any surface frequently handled by workers were covered. Are we slacking in the sanitation department? Is that bottle of hand-sanitizer you have placed proudly on your desk just for show?

People forget to be as clean as they should be. Wrapping up an important phone call, they forget to wipe their phone. After shaking hands with an important client it slips their mind that they should use a little hand sanitizer. This is human. Obviously our best intentions are not enough, mostly because we cannot trust ourselves or our coworkers to be conscientious when it comes to wiping things down. So what exactly is that simple solution?

Protect Your Office with NuShield

An easy way to prevent the proliferation of germs and microbes throughout the office environment is to use NuShield Triple A screen protectors on your photocopiers, tablets, computer screens, Smartphones, phone displays and any other electronic device with a screen. The Triple A film has become a staple for hospitals and other healthcare facilities because of its ability to kill germs on devices that are used by multiple people.

antimicrobial protection
Collaboration in the office is a must. But with NuShield’s Triple A screen protectors, sharing the flu can be avoided.

This screen protection film was made specifically to eradicate microbes, germs, and bacteria on the display surfaces of commonly used electronic devices in health care facilities, so its use in an office environment is a no-brainer. Ultimately, it will help make your office environment a healthier and more productive place.

The coating on the Triple A film has been shown to reduce the amount of colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a span of 24 hours by 99%. It is effective against the majority of bacteria and it hardly loses any of its effectiveness when cleaned with the sorts of strong chemical cleaning agents that are commonly used in offices.

It can be cleaned with solvents, bleach, rubbing alcohol, and other disinfectants, and none of those agents cause it to lose its anti-microbial properties. If Triple A screen protectors work in health care facilities, it should go without saying that it will definitely make a major difference in your office.

This film is easy to apply and remove, and it does not trap air. This is perfect for office equipment like photocopiers, since it won’t interfere with copying materials. The same goes for tablets that are passed around from one user to another, to view pictures and graphs, for instance.

The Triple A film does double duty since it also does a great job of reducing glare and protecting the device it’s being used on. Physicians and nurses use many of the same devices that are commonly used in offices and have many of the same needs. If they can trust the Triple A film to protect them and their patients, it’s certainly something that any office can trust as well.

Photocopiers, tablets, Smartphones, and other devices will benefit from the use of a Triple A film, and NuShield already has over 12,000 different electronic display sizes in its database. NuShield also has the ability to create new film sizes in a matter of hours if they do not already carry the size your office needs.

This winter avoid the dreaded office plague and reduce glare while protecting your devices by purchasing Triple A screen protectors for all your office’s shared devices today.