NuShield’s Antimicrobial Protection Kills Germs on Office Equipment Displays

Although most of us are working from home during this Covid crisis as much as possible, there are offices that are open and employees have report to work. And Covid is not the only germ proliferating the office.  We are also into our annual cold and flu season. Fortunately there are strict rules in place about wearing masks and staying six feet apart. However, there are equipment that are shared by all and easily spreads germs and viruses.

Copiers and some coffee machines for example, have touch screen displays that have to be used constantly. And you don’t know who the last person was that used the machine or when.  Germs can be teaming on the surface of that display and constant cleaning with anti-viral sprays are not good for the screen surface. 

Office Equipment Displays

An easy way to prevent the proliferation of germs throughout the office environment is to use NuShield Triple A screen protectors on your photocopiers, tablets, computer screens, Smartphones, phone displays and any other electronic device with a screen. The Triple A film has become a staple for hospitals and other healthcare facilities because of its ability to kill germs on devices that are used by multiple people.

This screen protection film was made specifically to eradicate germs, and bacteria on the display surfaces of commonly used electronic devices in health care facilities, so its use in an office environment is a no-brainer. The Triple A film has been manufactured to reduce the amount of colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus bacteria over a span of 24 hours by 99%. It is effective against the majority of bacteria and it does not lose its effectiveness when cleaned with solvents, bleach, rubbing alcohol, and other disinfectants. If Triple A screen protectors work in health care facilities, it should go without saying that it will definitely make a major difference in your office.

This film is easy to apply and remove, and it does not trap air. The Triple A film does double duty since it also does a great job of reducing glare and protecting the device it’s being used on. Physicians and nurses use many of the same devices that are commonly used in offices and have many of the same needs. If they can trust the Triple A film to protect them and their patients, it’s certainly something that any office can trust as well.

Photocopiers, tablets, Smartphones, and other devices will benefit from the use of a Triple A film, and NuShield already has over 15,000 different electronic display sizes in its database. NuShield also has the ability to create new film sizes in a matter of days if they do not already carry the size your office needs.

We are nearing the end of this Covid cycle as vaccinations begin, but we still need to be vigilant and practice safe health protocols.  So help keep your office equipment safe from germs by purchasing Triple A screen protectors for all your office’s shared devices today.