NuShield Solves a Safety Concern for Store Owners

Do some research on products like our NuShield anti glare screen protector film and you’ll be surprised at how many different applications they have. Screen protector films can be applied not only to the displays of electronics, but also directly on windows to prevent glare from bright sunlight from hindering visibility indoors.

Those who do business from a storefront location such as convenience stores, know that bright sunlight poring into Point of Saletheir store windows can make it hard to see. Glare can not only make it impossible to read cash register and computer screen displays, but it can also make interaction and communication with co-workers and clients difficult.

Consider the following scenario: A police officer can’t see into a local convenience store because posters have been put up over the windows to block the glare from the sun and to allow store clerks to make out cash register screens. While these posters might improve visibility on the inside of the store, the safety of those working in the store is compromised if the police cannot see the store clerk and the register area. Thieves take note of factors like poor visibility and use them to their advantage to rob storefront locations while invisible to the police and other passersby.

A transparent way to remedy glare issues

Are you looking for a simple solution to glare problems that make it difficult to see? Are you concerned that other methods of shielding the sun at your storefront are compromising the safety of your business by blocking the view out your front windows? You can instantly remedy these issues by applying an anti reflective screen protector from NuShield onto your windows. You will immediately be able to enjoy enormous visibility improvements that resolve glare issues and leave everyone feeling safe and secure.

NuShield DayVue Antireflective Screen Protector Film

NuShield’s DayVue screen protector film doesn’t just offer visibility improvements. The scenario above shows that it can also improve safety by blocking the sun in a transparent way that still allows those inside to see outdoors- and vice versa- when the film is applied to windows.

DayVue screen protector film protects interiors from sun glare and UV rays that make working uncomfortable and difficult. Other advantages of anti glare screen protector film include scratch resistance and increased durability. And of course- as mentioned above- safety is improved all around by facilitating a clear line of sight through store windows.

DayVue Technology

Our DayVue screen protectors work thanks to an antireflective coating made up of layers designed to block reflective light while still allowing interiors to be naturally lit by sunlight. With our DayVue technology, we have achieved a thickness and refractive index that work together to dramatically decrease glare and improve visibility.

Our screen protectors work thanks to a 1/4 wavelength-thick reflective surface that makes it so that light passing through the screen protector is 180° out of phase between two surfaces that make up our film. Even if electronic devices or windows used in your store or workplace already have their own antireflective screen coatings, our screen protectors can still be used to reduce glare without obstructing the view.

If you’ve been looking for a screen protector film that you can apply directly to your windows at your storefront business location, give our DayVue screen protector film a try. This is probably the most affordable and effective method out there for handling visibility problems caused by harsh sunlight poring into storefront windows. Our screen protectors can be custom ordered to cover areas of many different sizes, so you can purchase a film large enough for your windows through NuShield.

For more information about NuShield products, which have been protecting electronics for 15 years, contact us today at 877-900-9192, or browse our website to get answers to your questions and order from our wide array of antireflective screen protectors for all of your devices. Drop us an email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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