NuShield Plays Safety at Lambeau Field

The National Football League is more than half way through the season and more stadiums are allowing fans to come watch the games in person. In order to get ready to handle the food concession needs of all these hungry fans some stadiums have turned to NuShield to protect and kill germs on their Point of Sale displays with the Triple A anti-bacterial screen protector.

At Lambeau Field where the Packers play in Green Bay, Wisconsin the management is preparing for the day when fans will be filling the stands again. The Atrium is the 376,000-square-foot area which is more than five stories high on the east side of the stadium and includes a number of dining, entertainment and retail options for Packers fans of all ages.

Lambeau Field

NuShield in partnership with their POS system provider has installed over 50 registers with the anti-bacterial film to prevent germ growth on the touch displays used in the restaurants to take orders. The film is an excellent protection against germs and the resiliency of the film allows it to be cleaned with the harshest chemicals that kill viruses without harming the display surface. This is the same film used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities on life saving devices to protect front line workers, especially on Covid wards.

The Triple A film offers anti-bacterial, anti-glare and anti-fingerprint protection which is a unique product manufactured to NuShield specifications to provide the safety with the most clarity on the market.  The tacky back surface makes the film easy to install and allows removal and reinstallation if the film is not correctly placed the first time. 

This same film can be used on any other touch screen display surface to provide the same germ killing protection on your tablet, phone, monitor, car GPS system and even on kitchen appliances. NuShield currently offers the film for over 15,000 devices and we work with our customers to create new sizes for their displays without extra charge.  You can take a look to see if we already have a film to cover your display at our website