NuShield Makes A Great Holiday Gift

If you are planning to gift an electronic device this holiday season, you can make it even more memorable by installing a NuShield anti-glare screen protector on the display surface.  Unfortunately, the displays on electronic devices are glare magnets and make it hard to see the display from reflective glare.

By installing the NuShield Triple A film, you can eliminate these surface reflections and also provide an anti-fingerprint protection.  And only the NuShield Triple A film has an anti-microbial feature that kills germs and can be cleaned with cleaning fluids while protecting the device screen from damage. Remember, by applying the NuShield film you can provide some protection against spreading germs.


There are some fancy glass screen protectors on the market that claim to be shatter proof or privacy filters that limit screen visibility. There are also blue light elimination filters as well.  If you shop at malls or on Amazon, you will find numerous vendors offering these screen protectors.  However, these films are limited in size and fit only a small number of devices such as Smartphones or a couple of tablets.

But only NuShield offers an anti-glare/anti-microbial film that eliminates germs and glare at the same time. Also, NuShield is a manufacturer and not a reseller and we offer sizes and fast turnaround that is not available through resellers. NuShield offers film sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices, from Smartphones all the way up to 80-inch diagonal televisions. And NuShield also has a 30-day money-back return policy if you are not satisfied which you won’t find anywhere else.

And if you can’t find your device at the NuShield website, you can provide width and height measurements and they will work with you to create a film to fit your device without extra charge. The NuShield film is also easy to install and remove, if necessary, unlike the other films on the market. You don’t need liquids or special tools and if you make a mistake, just peel back the film and start again.

So, this holiday season, plan ahead and order a NuShield screen protector for your electronic device to let some know how special they are.