NuShield Helps to Make Movies

On March 12, 2023 the 95th Academy of Awards, also known as the Oscars was presented in Los Angeles, CA.  In the beginning the director relied on a cinematographer to capture the scene and then waiting around for the film to be processed and see the result. Then if not correct they had to reshoot the scene and wait around again. This took a very long time and lots of money for the actors and production people.

Today, filmmaking has been revolutionized by computerization and modern techniques. There is a television monitor hooked up to the camera so the director sitting behind the cinematographer can see in real-time what is being captured on film. If there is a problem, the scene can be reshot immediately at minimal cost. But when the script calls for scenes outdoors, it becomes hard to see the monitor screen when the sun is glaring.

helps make movies

And this is where NuShield comes in. Several years ago NuShield made its debut on the set and now most productions use a setup with a NuShield anti-reflective film over the monitor. The DayVue anti-reflective film eliminates the glare and because it has 99% clarity the image is not distorted. The DayVue film also has a circular polarization effect the image is still visible when the director and other viewers wear polarized sunglasses.

NuShield works with film equipment rental companies to equip monitors for both movie and television productions. The NuShield DayVue film was even placed on a television monitor prop used in a scene of a television show to eliminate the glare where the actors had to reference and discuss an image on the monitor.

When display visibility is important users rely on the NuShield DayVue screen protector. The film is used by boaters, flyers, drivers and field technicians. The film is easy to install and is available in sizes to fit devices from Smartphones up to large television monitors.

NuShield currently offers film sizes to fit over 15,000 different devices such as SmartPhones, tablets, laptops, monitors and even TVs up to 80 inch diagonal. And if NuShield does not have your particular device in its database, the company will work with you to create the size to fit your device without extra cost in a short time period. For more information visit the NuShield website.

So maybe one day the Academy will create a special technical award for Best Supporting Screen Protector Film which will be awarded to NuShield.