NuShield Helps in the Fight Against Germs

While touchscreens simplify the use of tablets and laptops, they can also attract germs and bacteria because they are constantly being touched by users. Touchscreen surfaces are especially susceptible to providing a home to unwanted germs and bacteria when

Staphylococcus aureus x10
Staphylococcus aureus x10

tablets and other electronic devices are used by many different people and travel from person to person. This is a common scenario when a touchscreen is used in an office or in a retail environment where customers are handling store-owned electronic devices.

Keeping things clean

What’s the best way to keep screens clean and prevent bacteria and germ growth? Cleaning screens with anti-bacterial wipes is one way to avoid an excessively dirty touchscreen. However, this is not the best possible option. Wipes often are moistened with chemicals and solutions that may damage electronics.

Ordinary film after 24 hour
Ordinary film after 24 hour

An anti-bacterial screen protector is a much better option. The anti-bacterial screen protector can serve as a protective layer over a device’s touchscreen that hinders bacterial growth. Yet it’s important to understand that not just any screen protector will provide the appropriate protection against the growth of germs and bacteria. You need to use a screen protector with a special anti-bacterial coating that kills potentially harmful microbial contaminators even while tablets, laptops, and computer devices are being handled and used.

NuShield’s Triple A Screen Protector

Triple A film after 24 hours
Triple A film after 24 hours

Those who are looking for a screen protector that will enhance the cleanliness of their touchscreen devices prefer the effective Triple A screen protectors offered by NuShield. These are anti-microbial screen protectors that can be used in a wide variety of settings.

NuShield anti-microbial screen protectors are strong enough at fighting germs and bacteria that they are recommended for hospitals, emergency rooms, and doctors’ offices. They are also a good idea for school environments where several children contact with the same electronic devices. Other locations where the NuShield Triple A is suitable include public kiosks, airports, hotel lobbies, commercial offices, and more. Of course, you can even benefit from using an anti-microbial screen protector in your home to protect your personal devices from bacterial growth.

The Science Behind the Triple A Films

Just how effective is the Triple A screen protector from NuShield at killing germs and bacteria? Tests have shown that the microbial film coating on the Triple A can reduce the presence of germs by as much as 99 percent in 24 hours.

The antibacterial spectrum of the film ensures that it kills a wide variety of bacteria types. The inorganic antibacterial coating used is highly heat resistant. It’s possible to clean the Triple A screen protector with many different cleaners- including bleach, rubbing alcohol, and solvent- without detracting from the antimicrobial properties of the film.

Control germs and bacteria wherever you use your electronic devices with anti-microbial screen protectors from NuShield. Keeping your touchscreen devices free of germs and bacteria will help ensure the health of you, your family, friends, employees, and customers. The films offered by NuShield can fit any electronic device on the market. Simply take screen measurements and send them to NuShield to have an anti-microbial film custom-made to fit your touchscreen.

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