NuShield Extends the Life of Your Mobile POS System

mobile POS systemIf you’re the owner of a small retail or food services business, you might not have the capital that’s required to invest in a full-service, advanced point of sale (POS) system. The necessary hardware alone can easily run upwards of $3,000.

That’s why so many of today’s small business owners are using tablets and other low-cost mobile POS systems in place of a traditional cash register. Many cost-conscious businesses are even using smartphones to process customers’ credit and debit card payments.

But even though tablet computers and mobile POS systems are less expensive than traditional set-ups, they still represent a very significant investment. And if you’re like most small business operators, you probably take great care to get the most out of your digital investments by employing the best accessories. NuShield screen protectors are an especially smart and inexpensive way to get a bigger return on your investment in mobile POS technology.

Here are just a few of the benefits NuShield screen protectors offer:

NuShield Lengthens the Life of Your POS Display Monitor

It’s a tough world out there, and you can bet that the display monitor on your point of sale system will be exposed to the elements. The protective coating on most LCD display monitors, for instance, isn’t strong enough to withstand scratches made by pencils, pens, fingernails or other sharp objects over an extended time period. Repetitive tapping can also decrease the sensitivity and make the screen malfunction.

Micro Systems registerThe cost of replacing these displays is costly for many small businesses. That’s why NuShield offers film sizes designed to protect the LCD displays of the popular Micros Systems POS devices, which are used in an increasingly large number of restaurants, cafes, hotels and bars.

The film is both abrasion and chemical resistant. And while it protects your POS display monitor from damaging scratches, it also protects against ugly smudges, unsightly fingerprints, and spills that could easily short-circuit the monitor.

What’s more, the super-thin material of a NuShield makes for excellent stylus and touch response.  And because the NuShield films are stronger than those sticky vinyl films that cling to your screen, you’ll find that the NuShield film also performs especially well in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

The NuShield AG antiglare film leaves no residue behind on your monitor, and because it’s just as easy to remove as it is to apply, it can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled to extend its life cycle. (This non-adhesive antiglare film, it should be noted, works only on devices with raised plastic frames, such as monitors. For tablets or monitors without frames, NuShield offers the Triple A antiglare film with a tacky adhesive backing to hold the film to the screen.)

If your restaurant has outdoor seating and you’ve installed a POS workstation to ease order entry for your staff, you might find that the sun glare on the display washes out the image. To remedy this situation, NuShield offers the DayVue anti-reflective film that absorbs sun glare and allows the user to read the display in sunlight. The film is available in all sizes to fit most POS displays.

Using a Tablet POS System? NuShield Makes the Check-Out Process Simpler

On your best days, you have a long line of customers who want to purchase your products. If you’re using a tablet computer or a smartphone as your point of sale system, you definitely don’t want to let glare or the reflective light that’s obscuring your device slow down the check-out process.

mobile pos systemRemember: If you or your employees can’t clearly make out your point of sale system’s display, the customer check-out process will slow to a crawl.

Same thing goes for customers. You’ll probably be handing your POS tablet or smartphone to the customer, so that he or she can sign their name after a credit card transaction. Without proper screen protection, the display’s inevitable glare will certainly be a nuisance that slows your line. The NuShield Triple A film will help you see your screen clearly, and will help you get on with what really matters: the business of rapidly and accurately moving your customers into and away from your place of business.

For indoor use, our Triple A film is best. This film scatters the light that reflects off your mobile device, reducing glare and making your screen much easier to see in the process. The antiglare film’s minimal light reflections make it ideal for indoor use of any sort. The appearance of fingerprints is also greatly reduced when your mobile device is protected by our Triple A film.

NuShield Prevents the Spread of Germs

If you’re in the food service industry, you’re probably concerned with maintaining sanitary conditions. But what about all the hands and fingertips that touch your POS device throughout a given day? That’s right: Your POS system definitely needs protection from germs and microbes, and our Triple A antimicrobial film is designed to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that cause illness. The film has been specifically formulated to address the contamination issues created by LCD screens, which provide a breeding ground for germs.

If you’ve made a significant investment in a mobile POS system for your business, NuShield can help you protect it. Not only do our screen protectors make tablets and other mobile devices easier to use by reducing glare, but they also reduce damage and stop the spread of germs.

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