NuShield: The Answer to Using Your E-Reader Outdoors

NuShield films used to avoid reflections and glare on eReadersWhen you feel like enjoying the nice weather outside while reading that best seller you’ve been dying to get into ever since you got it for your e-reader, one of the biggest things that can ruin this moment is reflected images on your e-reader screen from the sun.

Most e-readers aren’t well equipped for this type of situation and require you to either try and find some shade that will lessen the glare, put up the screen’s lighting and drain out your battery, or you’ll have to sit inside and read. However, there is a way to sit in direct sunlight without having to worry about reflected images and it all comes down to the right type of screen protector.

One of the best purchases you can make for your Kindle, iPad, or other e-reader is a NuShield screen protector . The technology used in the NuShield DayVue film provides protection for displays used outdoors. It helps block out natural lighting so you don’t have to try maneuver around reflected images or put up your e-reader’s back lighting.

With temperatures cooling off for autumn, this is the best time to enjoy some reading in the backyard or a park but it can be made even better with an anti-reflective screen protector on your e-reader. Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying some time outside with a good book or magazine without having to worry about the glare from sunlight ruining your screen or having to be tethered to a electrical outlet because you’re draining your battery trying to combat the glare? An anti-reflective screen protector erases all of those frustrations and the best part is that the screen protectors from NuShield are made to custom fit your e-reader and they offer protectors for several different brands such as e-readers found at Barnes & Noble to Sony, so you don’t have to worry about the screen protector eventually peeling off or having edges where dirt can get underneath and ruin your screen.

Enjoy the outside and be able to combat reflected images or glare from natural sunlight! The same screen protector you can purchase for your e-reader utilizes the same technology used in the bigger screen protectors for televisions that NuShield develops, too. So the best screen protection and anti glare technology used for large LCD screens will be used just for your e-reader, too. Don’t be stuck inside with your e-reader, it’s time to enjoy the weather with a good e-book!

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