Is Your Nintendo Switch Screen Properly Protected?

Is Your Nintendo Switch Screen Properly Protected?

When it comes to a unique gaming console, nothing currently beats the Nintendo Switch. You can use it in your home or on the go, making it an ultra-portable device. However, as with many other portable devices, the screen is always vulnerable to scratches. This is even more pronounced on the Nintendo Switch. The display uses a plastic cover on the screen rather than a scratch-proof material such as gorilla glass. Furthermore, the dock of the Nintendo Switch has been shown to cause scratches when the device is placed and removed from the dock. The scratches are even more pronounced along the areas of the display that line up with the edges of the dock. And because the space is tight you cannot use a thicker glass type screen protector because it will come off when the device is inserted.

nintendo switch Equip your Nintendo Switch with the NuShield Triple A Screen Protector

A quick, easy and effective way of protecting your device is to fit it with the NuShield Triple A screen protector. The film has a scratch-resistant surface that provides protection against daily wear and tear. It also provides protection against annoying fingerprints being present all over the display.

The Triple A film not only provides excellent scratch resistance but it also significantly reduces glare and reflections from overhead lights that are reflected from the device display and onto your eyes. This is achieved through the anti-glare matte finish on the film surface. This results in sharper and clearer images being given off by the Nintendo’s display. You now no longer have to tilt, turn or constantly change the position of the device while gaming. And when you go outside, the matte finish will also eliminate sun glare reflections, allowing you to play anywhere you go.

A perfect fit for your Nintendo Switch

The NuShield Triple A film comes in a size that fits your device perfectly. Order your screen protector here and enjoy superior protection. The film is very easy to install, the tacky backing sticks onto the screen and a quick wipe with a credit card or ruler will eliminate any bubbles that might have formed during installation. Protect your Nintendo Switch this holiday season!

NuShield films are also available for your other devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Contact us today and let us help you protect your valuable device from scratches and improve screen visibility.