Watch the NFL Playoffs with NuShield Screen Protectors Installed

You went out and bought a new shiny TV during the Christmas sales to watch the NFL playoffs. But when you set up the TV you realized that that shiny surface was reflecting everything around you, making it difficult to follow the action. If you put your TV outside on your patio you are probably seeing everything from your grass to your fence and pool on the screen during the day.

nfl playoffsYou searched the Internet for a solution and found NuShield. Our company makes a thin film that attaches to your TV screen. The NuShield Triple A anti-glare film offers the lowest distortion of the image on the market and will eliminate the reflections you are seeing now on the screen.

The film has a low tacky backing to make installation easy. Just get a buddy to help you hold the film while you stick it onto the screen and smooth it out with a squeegee or use a square piece of wood wrapped in a soft cloth to get rid of any bubbles. The Triple A screen protector also eliminates fingerprints and protects against scratches by curious dogs and cats.

NuShield has measurements for hundreds of TV models past and present, and constantly adds new models and sizes to keep up with new releases. You can check for your specific TV model here, and if you don’t see it, we can cut a custom-sized screen protector for your TV as well. All you need to do is contact us.

So enjoy watching the playoffs and the Super Bowl this year with your friends and your glare free tv.