NuShield Participates as an Integral Part of the New Statue of Liberty Museum

There is a new museum being built on Liberty Island in New York which is the home to the Statue of Liberty. The Liberty Ellis Foundation decided to build this facility to give the nearly four million visitors each year a better way to experience their visit.  Due to security concerns, less than 20% of visitors get to go inside the statue.

new-statue-of-liberty-museumThe new museum will be a learning experience and will tell stories about the influence of liberty in the world.  The original torch will be housed inside the museum as well as three galleries with over 40 interactive displays that will show information and run videos.  And this is where NuShield comes in.

We are proud to have been chosen to provide protection for these interactive displays around the museum.  The architects expressed concern over the amount of glare reflected off these large displays and turned to NuShield to provide the Triple A anti-glare screen protector film to eliminate these concerns.  They were also very pleased to find out that this film will also hide fingerprints and the anti-microbial feature of the film will eliminate germs on the surface which will be touched by thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

The Triple A anti-glare screen protector film comes in a variety of sizes, from Smartphones all the way up to 80 inch diagonal televisions. The low-tack, easy-to-apply adhesive backing is easy to install and will not damage the screen. Once installed, the display will be visible without glare.

The Triple A film can be cleaned with glass cleaner or other fluids not recommended for the plain LCD display without damaging the screen or film, and without reducing the antimicrobial effect in the process.

The opening of the new museum is scheduled for May 2019.  You will be able to access the museum free with the purchase of a ferry ticket to visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island.

You can learn more about the technology behind the Triple A film or you can go to the Order Now page to find the film size that fits your television screen. NuShield currently supports over 500 different television models, but if you do not see your particular model in our drop down menu, NuShield will work with you to create a new size to fit your TV at no extra cost.  Most orders are shipped in 48 hours.