Do I need a protective case for my device?

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You just spent a lot of money purchasing your tablet or Smartphone and you’re worried about dropping, breaking or scratching it while using your new device. Or you work in an environment where your device can come in contact with chemicals, dirt, grime or water that can damage the case, the screen or the inside parts.

There are several options on the market to protect your device. There is the simple body wrap sold by ZAGG or Ghost Armor at your mall that permanently adheres to the case that protects against scratches, but not much more. Also, their screen protector is not coated so that your display looks like a mirror when you try to use your device outside. You can also purchase a wide variety of plastic frame cases at the mall, but their main function is to look pretty and not very functional to prevent damage when the device is dropped.

If you really need to protect your tablet or phone from damage because you use it in a tough work environment or expect to drop it then you should consider a rubberized protective case. There are a number of manufacturers on the market and you can purchase this in retail stores. The two most notable companies are AMDi and Lifeproof and they offer cases for both tablets and phones.

Anti reflective screen protector and protective case
NuShield Triple A film and protective case

Even with the case protected from damage, you will still have readability issues with the display. Some of these cases will come with a clear adhesive film to use as a screen protector over the display, but they are not treated for glare or fingerprint control.

Many users take the extra step to purchase a NuShield screen protector film to replace the one that came with the case or place it over the installed clear screen protector to provide glare protection. The NuShield DayVue anti reflective screen protector allows users to read the display outdoors. The film has been installed by companies whose employees work outside or have their device mounted inside cars.

The NuShield Triple A anti glare screen protector has been used in education and health care environments where not only glare, but also germ elimination is necessary. The Triple A film also hides fingerprints and is ideal for areas where multiple persons touch the screen.

Protecting your tablet or Smartphone is always a good idea because the case and screen can be easily damaged. There are several options for protection, but the NuShield films for protecting the LCD display is the best solution no matter which case you choose.

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