Why You Need NuShield, Even With a High-End Cell Phone Case

cell phone caseWhether you use a Smartphone, a tablet or an e-reader, there’s a pretty good chance that if you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of time on your mobile device. You use it in so many conditions: cold weather and warm weather; indoors and out-of-doors.

And yet while the technology of these devices continues to develop at a mind-boggling pace, and with an increasing number of features and applications launched seemingly every other day, one thing seems to remain the same: screen glare. The inability to clearly see your screen, that is, as a result of the reflection of sun light or artificial light.

Of course, there are other seemingly insurmountable problems where mobile devices are concerned: smudges, scratches, and dirt, to name just a few. There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than trying to read an important text message or email while you’re outdoors, and being unable to see it because of glare or a smudged screen.

Scratches are another big problem. Not only do they hamper your view of the screen, but they also prevent you from potentially selling your phone back to your carrier of choice when you upgrade, a move that can save you money on your next device.

And if you read on your tablet? Glare, in that instance, becomes an even bigger issue. Meanwhile, forget about reading outdoors, or even near a window. It’s not happening!

Why You Need a NuShield Screen Protector

cell phone caseWhile there are plenty of screen protectors available on the market today, the overwhelming majority are unfortunately limited in their performance.

Many are designed to help minimize fingerprints and protect against scratching, and that’s certainly a good thing. NuShield, however, takes things a step further.

If you’ve ever tried to read your phone outdoors while wearing sunglasses, for instance, you’ll certainly appreciate the technology that exists in our screen protection films. The layered, filtered protection they offer creates a superior surface that allows light in, but eliminates glare under almost any condition imaginable.

Easy To Apply

Forget about frustrating attempts to place the film over your screen. Rather than the typical pressure-sensitive adhesive, NuShield screen protector films have a rubberized backing that makes them easy to apply. You’ll also completely avoid the all-too-common air bubble problem, as air bubbles are very easily smoothed away on all our films.

Added Protection

Even if you’ve taken the precaution of purchasing an OtterBox, Gumdrop, or LifeProof case—or any other expensive, high-quality mobile device case—the simple fact of the matter is that screen glare will still present itself as an issue, and a very frustrating one at that. That’s because while the hard screen covers that are a part of many high-end cases are good at protecting your screen from scratches and cracks, they simply don’t have the sort of technology that NuShield protectors are known for—technology that lowers haze and significantly reduces the appearance of reflected images.

cell phone caseAnother less obvious but still frustrating problem that occurs with high-end mobile device and Smartphone cases such as the OtterBox is the appearance of blue light waves.

These fairly harsh light waves, which are emitted from your device’s screen, are remarkably minimized when a NuShield film is added. Not only will the overall glare of the blue light waves be reduced with a NuShield screen protector, but the very experience of using your device, especially for long periods of time, will ultimately prove to be much more pleasant on your eyes.

Bottom line: NuShield screen protection simply works. With a DayVue or Triple A film on your Smartphone or iPad, for instance, you’ll never need to squint and tilt your device while trying to read. And while NuShield helps visibility in both outdoor and indoor harsh light situations, it doesn’t interfere with viewing in dark or dim lighting situations.

NuShield is your affordable, effective and easy-to-use solution for glare and irregular lighting. It’s also the perfect complement to your quality phone case. Protect your devices, protect your eyes, and enjoy reading in any condition. It really is as simple as that.

NuShield currently supports over 12,000 different devices with an LCD, LED or plasma display. NuShield can also create new film sizes to fit your device without extra cost if we don’t already list it on our website. You can learn more about the Triple A and DayVue films or if you are ready, purchase our product to provide protection for your devices.