NuShield Triple A® anti-glare Films Improve Nascar Racers’ Digital Dashboard Visibility

It’s hard to think of a more all-American sport than NASCAR. Starting in February, the nation’s most elite stock car drivers will once again compete for the highest honor available to them in the US: the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup. NuShield is excited for this year’s races — but we’re also excited to be a part of the action.

NascarSafety Is Key

But even casual friends know NASCAR can be dangerous. Cars whip around the track at dizzying speeds, and every second counts. Cars are kept in outstanding condition to optimize their performance. A driver’s reaction time is critical, and even a split second’s hesitation can impede a driver’s performance at best — or result in a deadly crash at worst.

While accidents like these aren’t common in NASCAR, they do happen. Every year NASCAR updates its cars with state-of-the-art safety technology, like a more sturdy chassis and upgraded tires. And NASCAR has recently instituted new rules about how pit crews repair damaged vehicles, to better ensure driver safety.

A Clear View

Sunny days at the track are great for fans, but less than ideal for drivers. It’s particularly bad for seeing the McClaren Digital Dashboard, which replaced NASCAR vehicles’ traditional dashboards back in 2016. This digital dashboard provides a streamlined, at-a-glance overview of the vehicle’s speed, fuel pressure, RPMs and other key indicators.

But this digital dashboard’s LCD screen is difficult to read when sunlight shines on the screen. At certain sections of the track drivers can’t read the display because of the glare and that can be a disadvantage during a race. And given that drivers end up focusing on the digital dashboard rather than the track, that time wasted can have tragic consequences.

Innovative Solutions

To help eliminate the glare problem, some race teams decided to search for an innovative solution. With the NuShield Triple A anti-glare film on the digital dashboard, glare from the sun and other light sources is greatly reduced.

NuShield’s Triple A film is matte, so it doesn’t reflect light like a glossy screen does. The film is sturdy enough to last the lifetime of the digital dashboard, but light and thin enough to permit touchscreen functionality. Plus, the NuShield Triple A protective film also has an anti-fingerprint feature to hide unsightly prints where the screen is touched.

And now you can also bring this NASCAR technology into your own car. All NuShield films come pre-cut to match your device, from smartphones to large tv screens. Films for most devices are available on NuShield’s site. If you ever want to remove it, it peels off with no residue.

When you tune in to watch NASCAR this year, take a close look at the digital display of the driver during the in-car shots. If the surface looks matte, then you know you’re watching a NuShield driver.

How to Order NuShield Screen Protectors

Order online or call 215-500-6426 to purchase a film to fit your display.