Motorcyclists Use NuShield DayVue to Stop Glare on GPS Navigation

Being a motorcyclist is a thrilling ride every single time, allowing for that freedom on the road and whizzing through traffic. However, when motorcyclists need to go on a longer haul with their motorcycle this sometimes warrants some travel gear such as a GPS and unfortunately that sometimes means having glare from sunlight on the GPS screen. This can lead to missed exits on highways and getting lost as well as being highly dangerous for the motorcyclists while they are trying to drive. While most navigation systems come with a type of manufacturer protective film, it rarely if ever helps with natural sunlight glare and is only there to prevent scratches.

Another solution that many motorcyclists use are polarized sunglasses, but these only make looking at a digital screen worse. What can a rider do? There is anti glare for GPS navigation through the NuShield DayVue and it actually works.

What’s the difference?
The DayVue is different in that it utilizes unique technology in the film protector itself to anti reflective screen protectors for outdoor use on cameras, phones, ipads, tablets and laptopsblock out natural and man made light that causes the glare on digital screens, making it impossible to look at the screen even when the screen is on the highest settings possible with its back light. This can be very dangerous while driving on the road, which is why this type of protection is necessary for motorcyclists using a GPS during their travels.

The best part about the anti glare for GPS navigation from NuShield? Motorcyclists can still wear their favorite sunglasses when they install DayVue to their navigation systems and the protective film will protect the screen from scratches and reflections. This is because of the light cancelling technology added to the films in blocks, similar to how noise cancelling headphones.

Most competitor films will start to peel off the screen after consistent wear and tear. But most of all, they will leave a residue from the tacky side of the protective film that can ruin the screen and cause even more glare and reflection problems. That means having to replace the entire LCD screen which can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead of having to worry about the anti glare film ruining the screen, all NuShield films and screen protectors use a new type of surface that doesn’t leave residue while still being easy to remove.

No polarized sunglasses required
Ditching those expensive sunglasses with polarized lenses has never been easier because of the anti reflective for GPS navigation technology found in the NuShield DayVue. This is an easy solution for all motorcyclists using a GPS navigation system with an LCD screen or even for their smart devices that are also on the go with them on the road.

There is a solution out there when it comes to combating the glare and reflections on digital screens and it is through NuShield’s anti glare technology that can’t be beat.

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