Motorcycle Safety: Clear GPS Screens Without Reflections

If you are like most bikers, you use a GPS device to navigate the roads. Unfortunately, the sun’s glare oftentimes makes it extremely difficult to read what is displayed on the screen, impairing your motorcycle safety. Some motorcycle GPS devices are built with a higher screen brightness, but it does not provide clear visibility when the sun is shining overhead. If you face such a predicament, a solution is available in the form of the NuShield DayVue Film.

The Magic of DayVue Film for Motorcycle Safety

Apply NuShield’s DayVue Film to your motorcycle GPS and you will find that it drastically reduces reflections. As a result, you will be able to clearly see the information displayed on your GPS, allowing for a much safer ride as you won’t be constantly shifting your glance downward in an attempt to decipher the information presented on the screen. Furthermore, repeated glances at your GPS puts other drivers at risk. You might even be tempted to remove your polarized helmet visor or sunglasses for a brief moment at a stop light or stop sign in an attempt to see your GPS device with more clarity. This is a totally unnecessary and risky action that you won’t even consider once you apply the NuShield DayVue Film.

DayVue Film for Motorcycle LCD Radio Displays

The DayVue Film can even be applied to your motorcycle’s LCD radio display panel to ameliorate control. You will no longer have to fumble around with the radio because you can’t see what station it is on. NuShield’s DayVue Film just might prevent a potentially fatal accident. At a bare minimum, the application of the film will allow you to listen to music or talk radio when traversing the roads and not become overly frustrated.

How NuShield’s DayVue Film Works

The NuShield DayVue Film is built with a special anti-reflective technology specifically designed for LCD screens. The masterminds behind this amazing technology actually had outdoor use in mind when they created it. All reflected glare is completely filtered out to allow for a perfectly clear view of your GPS or LCD radio display. It works in a manner similar to noise canceling headphones that block out sound. The anti-reflective film actually has a smooth surface that serves to distribute reflected glare in multiple directions. This seemingly futuristic material really does prevent sun glare from interfering with your view of your GPS or radio.

motorcycle safetyIf you are skeptical in the slightest, consider the article published in 2015 by Consumer Motorcycle News. This piece explains the results of an unsolicited test of the DayVue Film on a Garmin BMW Nav V GPS. The DayVue Film worked spectacularly, allowing the motorcycle operator to clearly view the information presented on his GPS on even the sunniest of days.

Upcoming Motorcycle Rallies

Perhaps you will be attending an upcoming motorcycle rally this spring or summer. You will undoubtedly rely on your GPS for guidance. Regardless of whether you have a Garmin, TomTom or Magellan motorcycle GPS device, you probably won’t be able to read it if you are riding on a sunny day. If you plan on attending any of the motorcycle rallies listed below, the application of anti-reflective DayVue Film to your GPS is an absolute must:

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