Include GPS Protection with NuShield DayVue Antireflective Films with Your Next Motorcycle Maintenance

Your motorcycle is probably your best friend, taking you to many different places and allowing you to weave in-between heavy traffic. What is more? It costs much less to maintain than most cars would.

motorcycle maintenanceRoutine maintenance of your motorcycle is an important step towards keeping it in the best condition and avoiding costly repairs in the future. Giving your motorcycle the required attention can be the key towards gaining a lot of mileage from it.

While riding on bright sunny day, you have probably experienced reduced visibility due to the reflections that are given off from your GPS display. This can make navigation quite challenging, forcing you to strain in order to see what is on the screen. As part of your routine maintenance, you should consider installing the NuShield DayVue Antireflective film on your device in order to improve visibility outdoors and in direct sunlight.

What to check for on your next Motorcycle Maintenance

In order to keep your motorcycle running healthier for longer, make sure you carry out the following during your next maintenance trip:

Oil change

Regularly changing your oil keeps the motor running healthy and the engine components well lubricated. You should change your oil after every 3000 miles.

More oil tends to be consumed during summer than winter months, so pay attention to your oil gauge during different seasons. An oil change should also be accompanied by changing the filter.

Brake pads

On a motorcycle, the brake pads are as important as your ability to properly ride the vehicle. If your brake pads are less than 2mm thick, itís time to change them. In addition, professionals recommend changing your brake pads after every 6000 miles of use.


Tire pressure, groves, and rotation should also be checked during your next maintenance trip. Make sure your tires donít have any cracks or holes as this can interfere with your balance while riding. If your tires have low tread, it may be time to replace them.

Install the NuShield DayVue Antireflective film for improved visibility

Viewing your GPS display during the daytime can be challenging due to image reflections that are given off by the screen. To improve visibility, install the NuShield DayVue film on the display in order to cancel out reflections. The screen protector works by canceling reflected light while letting transmitted light go through.

Your GPS display will also appear sharper when equipped with the DayVue film. The reduction in reflected light allows for a brighter and sharper screen display with more image clarity. You no longer need to worry about missing a turn on your way home or ending up in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Navigate effectively even with Sunglasses

Are you worried about seeing whatís on your GPS while wearing polarized sunglasses? The NuShield DayVue Anti-reflective film has you covered. The film has multiple top layers that work to minimize the blue end of the spectrum, allowing you to maintain visibility even with your glasses on.

The DayVue film has been used in very harsh environments, including in battlefields where bright sunlight reflects off the displays of devices. The film filters out 99% of UVB light, improving device visibility.

Protect your device display

As part of your motorcycle maintenance, you can protect the display of your GPS by equipping it with the scratch-resistant NuShield DayVue screen protector. The film offers excellent scratch resistance to daily wear and tear while maintaining touch sensitivity due to its thickness of only 6mm. You can, therefore, enjoy the protection of your device without compromising on functionality.

The DayVue film is easy to apply, using a low-tack backing to adhere to the surface of your screen. It can, therefore, be easily installed and removed without leaving adhesive residues on your display.

Compatible with many different models

GPS displays come in many different shapes and sizes, but the NuShield DayVue film can fit on almost any GPS screen. If you donít find your particular model listed, contact us and specify the dimensions of your display. We will cut and shape an appropriately sized film for your device. Order your NuShield DayVue Anti-reflective film today.