Thank You To Those Who Serve

We recently commemorated the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, also known as Veterans Day, which ended World War I in 1918. Veteran’s Day is different than Memorial Day.  Memorial Day is for remembering and honoring military personnel who dies in the service of their country, particularly those who died in battle or as a result of a wound sustained in battle. Veterans Day is intended to thank all those who honorably served in the military – in war time or peace time.

militaryNuShield has been supporting our military for over 15 years by providing the DayVue anti-reflective screen protector film for electronic displays used around the world. The DayVue film eliminates glare from displays and allows users to read the display screen in direct sunlight. It also works when the user is wearing polarized sunglasses that are a must in theaters such as the Middle-East, Far-East and Asia.

DayVue anti-reflective films are uniquely manufactured to provide clear views of a screen’s image, even in the brightest of sunlight. They’re also designed to protect electronic devices from mechanical injuries by reducing scratches and chemical damages.

This same film is also used by law enforcement officers on laptops in their squad cars and especially when they have to work with them outside in sunlight to create accident reports or take down other information. It is also used in police helicopters to eliminate glare in the cockpit.

The NuShield protective film also reduces screen damage and increases the device’s longevity by reducing damage due to repetitive touching, tapping and scratching. And this same technology allows motorbike riders or drivers in convertible cars to read their GPS displays in the brightest sunlight. And this technology is available to the rest of us who can now enjoy reading our magazines, newspapers, and books on our electronic devices while lying on the beach or lounging poolside or lakeside.

NuShield provides protection for over 15,000 different devices and you’ll certain to find your device listed on our website. But if you don’t, NuShield will work with you to create a size to fit your device without any extra cost. You can learn more about how the DayVue film works, and when you’re ready, click here to purchase a DayVue screen protector for your own device.