Why Your Military-Grade Laptops Need Mil-Spec Screen Protectors

If you’re at all familiar with the electronic devices used in the field today by various branches of the U.S. military, you’re probably also familiar with the concept of military-grade laptops or military-spec consumer electronic devices.

Military-Grade Laptops and Tablets

military-grade laptopThe Panasonic Toughbook, for instance, is probably the best-known of the military-grade laptops used by our fighting forces.

Dell makes a particularly rugged notebook computer known as the Latitude E6420 XFR that’s built inside a magnesium-alloy ballistic armor-protected chassis.

The slightly lesser-known Getac company is an organization that deals exclusively in rugged notebook computers and tablets.

And perhaps surprisingly, there’s even a model of the popular Lenovo Thinkpad, the T61p, that’s designed specifically to perform in incredibly harsh cold-weather conditions. According to Lenovo, this particular machine can even withstand the freezing temperatures of outer space.

The Stringent Requirements of Computing Equipment Used By the U.S. Military

Of course, the vast majority of the work done by our armed forces today takes place out of doors, and in incredibly harsh conditions. It should go without saying that our soldiers need to be able to clearly see the screens on their laptops, tablets, and electronic monitors quickly and easily, no matter what sort of conditions that happen to be working under: bright sunlit days, dusty desert environments—you name it.

military-grade laptopIf the glare of the sun or the dust and dirt of unpaved roads leads to computer monitors that can’t be quickly read, American casualties could very certainly be the result.

The same goes for sailors in our navy, who need to have perfectly clear visibility of their navigation equipment at all times, regardless of whether there’s an especially bright sun overhead, a torrent of rain falling, or splashes of saltwater entering their vessel. Pointing out that lives depend on the crystal clear visibility of a navy vessel’s navigation equipment may sound dramatic—but it’s also absolutely true.

* * *

The United States Armed Forces, of courses, is not the sort of organization that’s known for shying away from a challenge. So when it became apparent that a screen protection solution of some sort would have to either be developed or discovered in order to give our soldiers a consistently clear view of the computing monitors they use on a daily basis, they began the process of testing the high-quality screen protection equipment already on the market. We’re very proud that the U.S. Department of Defense eventually chose to outfit its battlefield computing equipment with NuShield screen protectors.

Fred Raumer, senior communications expert for all of the armed forces recounts, “NuShield screen protectors provided real value for both missions and their budgets. They increased the durability of screens on a wide variety of commercial and custom made devices. These screen protectors are well worth their value.  Repairing or replacing a device with a scratched or damaged screen far exceeded the cost of protecting the screens with NuShield films.  The screen protectors work in all kinds of temperatures and humidity conditions, and never needed replacement.”

There are any number of reasons our DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector was the only screen protection accessory deemed rugged enough and capable enough to meet the military’s battlefield needs, and we’ll explains those in just a moment. But first, consider this:

If NuShield’s DayVue screen protection film is strong enough and capable enough to meet the very demanding needs of the Department of Defense, there’s a better than average chance that our films will also meet the needs of your organization, no matter where in great outdoors your work happens to take place, or under which conditions.

The Unique Benefits of the DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

military-grade laptopSo why exactly did the U.S. military decide that NuShield films were the only screen accessory that could meet their needs?

For starters, DayVue anti-reflective films are uniquely built to provide clear views of a screen’s image, even in the brightest of sunlight. They’re also designed to protect electronic devices from mechanical injuries by reducing scratches and chemical damages.

There are other bonuses: The DayVue screen protector allows users to wear polarized sunglasses and still see the screen. This is a very rare screen protection feature, but very necessary for soldiers working in battlefield conditions. Because NuShield’s DayVue film allows soldiers to keep their glasses on while looking at their display, safety is never compromised. This is also a benefit that can prove to be a considerable time-saver.

Rugged Screen Protector Chosen by the U.S. Defense Department

Manufacturers of several electronic devices use DayVue films to meet the stringent requirement of the U.S. Department of Defense. DayVue screen protectors used on monitors and control combat missions on both land and sea include:

♦ Military field laptops
♦ GPS type devices with touch sensors
♦ Handheld communications tools with LCD displays and touch screens

The NuShield protective film reduces screen damage and increases the device’s longevity by reducing damage due to repetitive touching, tapping and scratching. NuShield films are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Finger smudges created by our dirty and sweaty fingers can be easily cleaned off the surface by wiping with a cloth.

DayVue Anti-Reflective Screen Protector

Some warriors face scorching battlefields, with the sun bearing down on them at nearly all times. In this bright daylight, it would be difficult to take readings from a monitor if not for the DayVue film technology. That’s because the DayVue screen protective film filters out approximately 99 percent of UVB light. Scratches to the monitors are kept to a minimum, despite the ever-present sand and dust in theaters of war such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

As often happens in technologies used to solve military problems, these technologies find widespread usage in various others industries, and are enthusiastically adopted by consumers as well. Digital cameras, GPS devices, antibiotics, canned food, ambulances, safety razors, and microwave ovens–to name just a handful–are all technologies that initially provided great military value before becoming widely adopted throughout the world.

History repeats itself again. The NuShield technology that allows the warrior to see his electronic displays in the brightest sunlight is available to the rest of us who can now enjoy reading our magazines, newspapers, and books on our electronic devices while lying on the beach or lounging poolside or lakeside. And this same technology allows motorbike riders to read their GPS displays in the brightest sunlight.

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