March Madness with No Screen Reflections

March Madness Seen Best With No Screen Reflections

March madness is here, and for all you college basketball fans, this is the time of year you have been waiting for. Whether you are in the stands, out in the parking lot tailgating, or even at your schools or on spring break watching the games on a live streaming device, you won’t want to miss a minute of the action.

Glare Problems Eliminated

Most of us who don’t have tickets to the games have to settle to watch the games on your smart phones, tablets, or laptops streaming video. Some of you can also watch on large television screens. That’s a good thing, and if you are in a perfect setting, you won’t miss a single play or replay.

If you are outside or on a beach somewhere during spring break, the sun may cause a lot of reflective glare so that it might be nearly impossible to see the screen. Even sitting in a restaurant, a bar, or any other well-lit public place, screen glare may become a major issue. Not only won’t you be able to see the screen very well, but if you try and find a better place to watch the games, you may have to move to a darker area where the lights won’t make a difference. But then, moving around to somewhere else, and you’ll be away for the gang and the party.

The Best Solution

Without a doubt, the best solution to the problem of glare from overhead lighting, whether it’s the sun outside or inside with lights shining directly down from above, is to have a screen that is protected from glare. And the best way to do that is to install a NuShield anti-glare screen protection film.

The NuShield DayVue anti-reflective film is great for outdoor devices with direct sunlight hitting the screen. Or the NuShield Triple A anti-glare screen protector which works best indoors or in shaded areas to eliminate glare. Not only that, but they will also give you screen damage protection from scratches and dirt, even if it becomes wet. That’s good to know, especially when tailgating or sitting next to a crowd of people.

The Best in Screen Film Protectors is NuShield

Wherever you are viewing the games you NuShield screen protection films are available in all sizes to fit all types of devices. If your screen device is not already listed on the NuShield website, NuShield will always custom cut a film fit your screen without any extra charge.

NuShield screen protectors are easy to install, and under virtually any lighting condition, you’ll be able to see the games without the issue or problems of glare. So no matter where you are, inside, outside, or at the game itself, NuShield screen protection film is a 3 point score every time.